Petition to always have a gal with open spots for people to have a chance to have fun


I came back after a few months to play mafia and thought hell let’s join a game. The only options were MW 2/36 spots open and infinitum.

There was a spot in a decent fam open in mw and a spot in the bottom fam (bottom fam by a huge margin).

I randomed and got into the bottom fam, and there was 0 reason for me to log in again.

I saw a post with a new guy introducing himself this week, where is he supposed to go play?

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Im thinking 5 fams with 5 drafts and 10 open spots

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I would vote for this, I wanted to come back and play and MW was my onleh choice.
I even got roped into Hydros hard core draft thing.

That’s the thing, there is no option.

I’d say make a pw with the gal I sugested above. Then new players have to play pw twice before mw

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Agree 100%.

We have enough Pat’s… Maybe one can open a gal for just this?

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Yeah sure, I will make one - np.
If I am ev0r granted meh Patron perks again. <3

/me stares @I_like_pie

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Where there are open spots.

A new galaxy won’t fix the issue, as we’ll end up with bottom families there too and eventually a new person will face the same problem they face now.

This is the real problem.

The need “to always have a gal with open spots” is already being met. There are 20 open spots right now across 2 galaxies. We don’t need more spots, we need existing spots to be more playable.

That said, if a Patron wishes to make or sponsor a galaxy, they are more than welcome to. It won’t solve the root issue but it may provide some short term relief.

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How about a galaxy where empires are deleted after 500 ticks? Once deleted, that empire could then be prevented from rejoining the same galaxy for a day.

That way, there will always be people leaving, and spots will be available in both big and small families.


If I am the new guy you are referring too, no worries. I’ll need some time to get a grasp on the game. Like I wrote in the introduction, not much experience with these games (or any digital game at all). Just enjoying the area and looking forward to get into the game once I get a grasp of everything :wink:


shush, @Xenon1122… the new guy (@Ephrelia) can hear you!! :smiley:


Shush @Rivan I am not here, you have not seen not heard me…


Haha, can we keep him? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


No kidding!

Forever ours now @Ephrelia


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Even the people who got in at BOR are bored.

I can definitely not see a fix on how someone in a way way way unplayable small family would ever want to log in.


I don’t even see options anymore for that.