Pandemonium Round

I quite like the idea of a gal where it operates as per normal but at random points in the round crazy things happen.

I.e All players in all fams just suddenly realise ALL Lasers on all planets have disappeared.

Or all figs disappear, perhaps every fam randomly gets unlimited moral for 2 days or something. random portals just get raised across the Gal.

The crazier the better.

I know this is probably not possible but thought it was a novel idea that could perhaps be investigated.


i’d say just go for “more in numbers/more in different kind of galactic events”

New GE possibilities…

An unstable wormhole to the ancient Oobleck galaxy is sucking in fighting units across the entire galaxy. Armies are being decimated!

Unstoppable gangs of cyborgs from the Pringle sector are stealing cash and iron reserves from every empire in the galaxy!

A powerful energy force is radiating across the galaxy. Our fighting units are not losing morale while attacking our enemies!

Mysterious godlike creatures known only as !PIE! are rampaging across the galaxy. Planetary populations, fighting units, and resources are randomly phasing in and out of existence!

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Your dead soilders now return 25% back to your fleet as zombie units.