P VS C MW 70


Yeah sorry Masse, we have not been market aided at all. My fleet was just like 7 ticks of our fam income at the time too as we just used all iron before u jumped us x(

I just wonder how your fam made 3 mil iron on 5 ticks. Because u didn’t have it and suddenly it was there, maybe hidden in market? I’ll have to trust your word for it but as the war begun u had just aided the pax who resent 20k iron and 1mil endu

We were not market aided

A fam tries to take on another fam who was running away with the round and instead of people going cool good for you they get 2v1. First big war of the round and vultures flying already. Good on you guys .

Cheese ^^^


Its all fun until the tide might switch. Youve made quite a few claims here.

“Vulture us”

“Market aid”

“No alliance round”

See below for an embarrassing shut down.

This was your leader @Cells saying hes 100% for an alliance. And before this your other leader MtG and or Nai had contacted us for alliance from sor.

I get it. 2v1 isnt fun. But lets not make blatantly ludicrous claims about "no alliance " when your fam was agreement for an alliance with US.

And all we are doing is coming to our allies aid and we would have done the same if we allied you.

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I suggest a new name for this game.
##Imperial Bitching


Lol yes that did shut me up :joy: but I still believe market aid was being done. But it ain’t agenst the rules so I ain’t got no real problem with it neither that u help them out. By I’m standing that we where the strongest fam and we won over them fair and square. But we simply won’t stand a chance agenst the both of you.

And it is still just as fun even tho I would be more happy if mtg would have been around in the end of may :wink:

Ill give you credit its been a while since I have faced such an active attacking fam of so many different members hitting. First 24 hours was me v 4/5 of you and we was like woah. Now our other attackers in our fam got/getting involved the tide is swinging rather than just plugging and whipping your big guys back.

And I 100% promise we got no Market aid. We saw Jets jump the day before and saved all just incase it was for us. They you hit us by surpise and I build fleet with the savings from there.

No market aid was done on the side of #57.
I have proof, if you really want i can show you but is too sad to post here :blush:

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no need mate. Ill take your word for it and embrace the legedairy skills that will be unleashed at us =)

Just so everyone knows, the tide has turned and now that work isn’t hindering me watch our planet count continue up and theirs down.

We already back to where we were when war started and all this WITHOUT 57 help so you will not be able to claim we didn’t beat your fam on our own.

|1| [#7051:] U WOT M8 1007 planets
|3| [#7055: ] |879| planets

Shootout to @HellRaizeR for his honest response about relationships with 51. That was something that everyone tried to keep under a rock. Idk pretty much all the fams involved asked if my fleet was for them. 55 I don’t like you guys sorry not being your hero. 57 is more likeable now that they hit some stumbling blocks and humanized themselves a bit. 51 the fam I wanted to laugh at ,but actually works. The retirement home 48 jumps some fleet will they be 55’s hero. 50 the loveable villains hydro and co. I built my fleet for me and is the same amount of undecided what to do with it as your girl is when you ask her what does she want to eat.

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Not without it. We have to prepair for them and that affected a lot. Still your family did a great job

what a great honest man

Still crap everyone goes and says no allies before round and now people are allied up o well.

Btw my family is looking for an ally :stuck_out_tongue:


Well it was an SOR agreement with current leader agreeing to it. Lot of diplo switched ups happened and peeps who didnt agree to nothing got in.

To be clear, i never contacted anyone about an alliance, at any time at the beginning, middle or end of this round.

After Cells quit, i contacted hellz in an effort to establish some diplomacy, which as resulted in a new NAP being formed. It is formed now, and we are all moving past this.

My take away on this. 51 was loosing the war to us, albeit slowly, due to it mostly being a ranged war with a significant amount of action focused on retakes. The portal grind was being won by 55. The entry to the war by 57 is suspect, due to previous history of b/w hellz family members and cells. The opportunity to engage us was beneficial to 57. Family 51 obviously benefits from a 2v1 senario. And obviously, the remaining members of family 55, are left holding the ashes of the top economy in the game, freed from the stigmata that Cells brought the family, fortunate to have cores in tact, and likely the #2 economy in the game.