Overbuilding %

At the moment the overbuilding percentage only shows the current built buildings.
When you are building additional infrastructure on that planet, the overbuilding percentage doesn’t change. It would be more helpful if the percentage gets changed according to current built + buildings under construction.


750 / 250 => (200%)
750 (250) / 250 => (200%)
1000 / 250 => (300%)


750 / 250 => (200%)
750 (250) / 250 => (300%)
1000 / 250 => (300%)


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that would be very handy



It used to be like this until pie made the new planets page iirc.

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Make it happen !




Planet display ratios are tied into all kinds of things in the game (Empire OB cost, research, explo costs, ops, ect).
There is something funky in the back end where infra demolished doesn’t register the planet’s proper new (the loss from the demo) correct % until the following tick.

My spidey sense says that what you would like to happen is related to that rather harmless issue.
Thus, it may be a larger can of worms than you might think for 'ole @I_like_pie to change.

Nice idea!

I’ve heard of that, but never been able to take advantage of it for an infra jump.

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Oh I have tried, but to no avail. :slight_smile:
The game knows the proper percentage, it just shows incorrectly on the planet page for that tick.

the bad ob % is consistent after a tick passes until the buildings are built. so it feels like the code only has finished buildings in its calculations? thats fixable? and i dont remember how it was 15 years ago but if bit is correct it should be possible to change.

Yeah anything is possible to change.

It’s been awhile, but this is likely a bug, not an intentional change in behavior. I’ll see if I can work in a fix between other stuff.