Open sourced IC tools

Hola everyone!

So. I make use of a load of awesome tools for IC to help me play better (and those of you who know me will be more than happy to confirm, I need all the help I can get!)

I’d like to do two things:

1: Build a consolidated set of tools, integrating the great and good of existing IC tools
2: Build and host the code on so that, when I die or leave (whichever is first) the community can keep extending these tools.

So… please share your tools. Any links, spreadsheets or anything would be useful.

Also. If you code and would like to contribute, please let me know!

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good idea!

hey sounds like a good idea
I sorta code and am happy to contribute.
I can share some basic code I’ve done as well.

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not sure who owns this site but its a great asset

@Belg - you are amazing :smiley:

Here is some code(java) I hacked together, might give you some ideas, or something to build on.

So far it does explored planets, captures, defeats, open retakes.
Still needs blown planets added and aid section.

It has no front end and results are unordered, I’m sure there are much better ways of coding it, I’ve already refactored it a few times.

Here is the code for the data extraction I’m running, it’s makes a local SQL lite dB so it will only start tracking from when you start it, note it has some hard coded elements relating to current mw round, like number of families, and the date/time of any tick.

You wouldn’t want everyone running their own version of this, ideally would be hosted and results available to all.


Here’s the first iteration of the new (and hopefully improved!) fleet tools:


Thanks to @Airwing for all the help and guidance!

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I like how you dont have to click all the links :slight_smile:
much faster

I’ve hosted a news analyser. @Belg
It only does family news at this point, not infiltrates.


Let me know if there are any bugs.
Also if anyone has saved copies of the silenz infiltrate summary reports that they could send me, that would help.
Also any raw infiltrates with lots of different types of events.

Here is the source code:
I am thinking of separating out the application front end into separate projects.


Nice stuff @TIF