OB to % not working

I tried to OB to % on two planets that are 100% OB. It didn’t work - it just kept saying “you would not be building anything.” Yet, if I build each planet individually, I can OB the way I specified in the OB to % feature.

Is this a bug, or is this the way it’s supposed to work?

I know with one planets it’s bugged, not sure on two. I will check it out for you.

Yeah, just to double-check that, I tried it on three - same result. Weird. I wonder if it matters that I’m seeing this in Mantharo on hyper.

I just tested and couldn’t see anything wrong. Veg said he would walk you over the steps again, just to see what’s happening

A couple of things occurred to me:

Is it possible for a specific galaxy to be bugged in this regard?

I’ve noticed that if I OB to %, I can’t immediately build to the same %. For example, OB something to 10% can’t be followed immediately by OB something else to 10% - it has to be 11% or higher.

Sounds like the bug is in you :wink: