\o/ All teh wars! \o/


The Legend can’t even agree with himself :rofl:

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what about me ?
im fine
i actually gained 100+ planets ?
so what about 02 bankers ? :stuck_out_tongue:
ok ok you hit our 2nd banker ill have to give you that but you didnt even close to keep them within 3 ticks we had all back again ( most of them still had the buildings intact )



Okay 02’s pax banker … got pmoded in 4 minutes.



Preach Shumi! We gained planets in this war.



I am sure your allies are appreciative of your success :stuck_out_tongue:

#6494: One too many [58,33] 10,503,832 669

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Just stepping stones



When did that happen? We lost barley any planet all war



Tic 566, your fam was furthest away from everyone, sorry you guys didnt get as much love as your friends :slight_smile:



So good your fam went from #1 to #15

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Well I guess I have to hold off on trash talking until later in the round

GJ to 04 :stuck_out_tongue:



I would have liked to have known what would of happened if it was all fans attacking from start. 04 did good at taking out Winterfell then swagga family early. Had our allies cancelled same time we may not of had to back out.

Good attacking all around it seemed no trash talking here.



Lol aw had more fams involved behind the scene so of course we couldnt keep up after it was just 94 and us but that being said pickle you got smashed and were bagging me for a nap since i started hitting you so you have no room to brag about anything lol

Anyways that being said we will deal with the behind the scene families and see use again at eor best of luck.



Cells, you and Ploddy could have/should have pmoded my whole family. I had two of the biggest fams within tics of all my planets, and you guys just attacked the closest systems and that was it :smiley: You guys both had much bigger fleets than me, but hardly did anything with them. You guys didn’t even protect your cpffs.

I wasn’t bragging, just disputing WS’ statement… my family took the brunt of both of your families attacks and are still standing strong, considering there were about 200 planets we couldn’t retake because 91, and 00 explored them.



Um you forget about the mass raids? We attacked all close planets about 200 of them and passed most off.
Makes it a faster loss of planets and infra you cant and wont keep. We also destroyed your whole fams fleet non stop and kept ports close by to do so.

If it wasnt bagging then it was spamming at least.
You asked me daily sometimes two times a day lol most definitely you were on your knees and i eased up do to real life and still was blowing your shit up left right and center you managed to take maybe three planets from me personally all war besides retakes. Only 3 ports i lost was in a group of 20 cpff ports and i managed to keep the rest wile blowing your family up.

We had 94,02 vs 96,98,04,99 for the last week and im sure 91 was funding use. Aw admitted he had 99 help fight us and that’s how they have my unportaled lists lol. Im sure your gonna mention well you guys hard 03 lol…

So with all do respect lets not argue and you just story up and admit you are in no position to brag about anything during this war . Even if you wernt bragging your dispute is wrong lol you got smashed and easily could have been farmed to the dust.
My family isnt far off at all from where we started our infra is almost the same so to say ask 02 bankers it very confused me when I look how far use droped and i gave you sympathy and you know i was till the last two days of war haha we chatted about it. So maybe its time we all just admit instead of b.sing stories



Was a fun war tho and i do apologize again and mean what i said in private.



It was fun, my fam did lose about 200 planets… My allies gained about 200 each… This was all in result of me being sandwiched between you and 94, I knew I was going to get smoked and there was nothing I could do about it… Other than wait.

We also along with our allies crushed every fam in your alliance, and you were next. 94 was completely dead, and I dont care how good of an attacker anyone is… Anyone will lose a 3v1.

Yes Cells you and 94 whooped my ass, but you had to have known what was coming next. If you think otherwise kindly ask us to void the nap :slight_smile:



GG chaps, 98 and 94 were in the middle of a shit sandwich and it tasted just as I expected.

See you again at round end :beer:

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Yes i seen the 4v1 coming so agreed to a nap but if we didnt we had plans in place and surley you know at the end all fams even 04 would have taken a dramatic hit and 92 would probably win by being naped and exploring :slight_smile: it would have got a lot worse really fast for all fams and wasnt worth keeping up for anyone.

04 will say other wise but they dont know all that was gonna unfold and would agree with me later we should have naped when we did and fought again later

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And yes 4v1 not 3v1 lol your forgetting your other hidden allies

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Plus after 2 weeks of war im sure all our wives and girl friends were about to send us to the couch :joy::rofl:

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