\o/ All teh wars! \o/



Stop it your going to make me blush :hugs:


And some people don’t want to admit they are part of the problem…



You see when you have a bunch of people (or in my small fam’s case, a startling lack of ass :doughnut:'s) that prefer to play together you have time to train completely new players. Instead of having to war in your own family with people you shouldn’t be forced to play with anyway.


PI guess it’s the time allowed to teach a new player that’s really decides if they will have fun or think wtf is this game u old bastards, players with just enough time to play themselves are not the best teachers. Unlike the old days with tons of info in the forums on strategy’s and a various range of experience. I would struggle to teach myself As I’m a nub

My family I’m in now are having a blast mainly as apart from me we know what to do and when.=p. If we had a new player we could probably look after them and let them cause chaos as they see fit to learn.

It’s like many games were the majority of players have played 10 years plus and a new guys shows up. It’s tricky as everyone wants to win the size/nw

Wrong chat? Maybe but I love you :heart_eyes:

Edit - actaully I think the clans of IC will address these issues to a point


Heres the graphs.
Its a little complicated so i tried to add notes, not sure if they will be readable.
I didnt include 03 who have also been involved on he 94 02 side.


Amazing Tif…

Utterly Amazing!



Pickle what happened to your so called great attacking?

4 #6498: Sesame Street [32,49] 751


I dunno ask 94 and 02’s bankers

This goes on an on


Hey WS, what kind of legendary attacking is this?:

1st tic of war:
Kagar Wardancers 701,442 36

2nd tic of war:
Kagar Wardancers 391,392 35

Wish we could take credit for dropping you but you crashed the fleet yourself :joy:


Holy butter fuck


WS MW timeline

  • Joins the legendary horde fam, back again after failing so hard the round previous
  • Gloats about his skills
  • Family gets raided for pulling stupid rc jumps mid fight
  • Gloats when they do some raids back
  • Gets annihilated
  • Gets killed off
  • Rejoins under a well known players name (Kagar)
  • Initiates a pre empt war
  • Gloats a little
  • Gets beaten again
  • Gloats a little less
  • Convinces others to come save him and declares would never nap us until EOR
  • begs for a nap
  • Quiet
  • His puppets get beaten too
  • Once a loser always a loser


  1. #6498: Sesame Street [32,49] 750

So good pickle you let your fam go from 2nd to 4th???

Even with a 3vs2 you could keep your fam from dropping almost 250 planets???


LOL WS … it was 94 and 02 v me for the first 3 days of the war. Nice try though.


No, it was 94,02 vs 98,96

Nice try


96 wasn’t close to either fam…


The Legend can’t even agree with himself :rofl:


what about me ?
im fine
i actually gained 100+ planets ?
so what about 02 bankers ? :stuck_out_tongue:
ok ok you hit our 2nd banker ill have to give you that but you didnt even close to keep them within 3 ticks we had all back again ( most of them still had the buildings intact )


Okay 02’s pax banker … got pmoded in 4 minutes.