NPCs and Dormant Accounts in Infinitum

With Infinitum set to become a never-ending galaxy, we’ll need a way to deal with empires that become dormant. Rather than let them slowly erode away, how about having any account left unattended for X number of weeks/months be switched over to a NPC automatically?

My initial reaction is that this would negate one of the main benefits of a truly persistent universe: leaving and coming back again to find your empire still present, even if dilapidated.

I do think it’s an interesting idea though worth hashing out. Some questions pop into mind:

  1. From other players’ point of views, what’s the practical difference between an abandoned account and an NPC account?

  2. Is there overlap with automated Planet Secession, in which claimed territory becomes lost and re-explorable by others?

  3. What is the downside of an empire slowing eroding away? What is the need that preventing that addresses?

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Good point. Some players may even leave and come back to find their empire has accumulated great wealth and go on a rampage. That would present an interesting change of pace.

IMO if an account goes inactive, there isn’t much of a challenge or morale directive to conquer its planets. But then again, if there is no in-game mechanism to mark them inactive, would the other players even know that is the case with 100% certainty.

Not really sure that there is a downside to letting an empire rot without an active ruler.

Perhaps if a player would decide to delete their account entirely then their empire should be switched to a NPC in Infinitum. Otherwise if they just go inactive for a while, the empire remains running as is.