Notes column on planet page

I’d like to see an optional notes column on the planet page, where all planet fields can be edited from that single page without needing to click into each planet individually.

I believe this would remove the dependency on using external tools like Excel or chopping down forests to keep track of which fam members you are allocating planets to, whether they are en-route, if you are building laser traps etc…

The notes would be private and removed when ownership of the planet changes hands.

Decent enough idea. Although nor is it one that really makes gameplay considerably better either.

Tip: When I am passing along new planets, I simply construct a handful of buildings on them, which serves to tell me not to portal them, as well as to family member the planets are designated for.

Never thought about building on the planet so I know not to portal thx terror. I’m not being sarcastic either that is a good idea

You are welcome. The simplest things are often the hardest ones to think through. Took me many years to finally realize that was an easy way to keep track of give-away planets.

Good shout, my idea was by no means a game changer or anything urgent - just something I thought may help tidy things up and potentially not take too much dev effort (disclaimer - not a dev so I have no idea :P).