Non player Market


Well last time we did a market like that… it was exploitet to extreme degrees :stuck_out_tongue: . Noir made
billions on market every day…

why not just have the market closed for a longer time ( time depending on starting ressies)

so keep the market clossed for 1 week ish at 50X start :stuck_out_tongue: should make those extra start ressies negletable…


Or have a round without a market?


u dont want that, that be like going to a party with beer… somthing would be missing!


I love this idea.
Sadly once you have the math in place it’s exploitation will be built in.
I think the answer is less starting res.

All these people using the same strat for SoR is bitch anyway.
You don’t need to know the game anymore - you just gotta cut and paste @Orion 's fast research strat.

50x kills all innovation.
There is only one strat.

Why not just sart everyone with a frillion starting res?


That’s actually a built in round feature.
I think it is still bugged however,. But if someone wanted to create a custom gal, and request the market like this to see what’s going on with it, I don’t see why that would be a problem.


Not everyone :wink:


I Believe there was a round like this many years ago in three player fams. it was pretty interesting.


The market is much more volatile nowadays with fewer players, but even in the olden days there was a lot of money to made when bids went to the hundredth decimal place.

IMO, no matter what you try someone will find a way to manipulate and become Richie Rich. Go ahead and give it a try though.


Yea getting rich through legit market play is fine… making multi accounts and passing the cash and resources to your own empire is hurting the game, and taking up Pie’s valuable time.

Getting starting res is valuable no matter if its 1x or 100x … moving the decimal point around doesnt make that starting gc and res any more or less valuable.

Another option I guess is to make like a ticket # for each market transaction that can be logged on the servers so Pie and the Mods can easily track this sort of thing.


It does matter quite a bit!
It is a whole lot harder to explo like and asshole and aid your whole start at 1 or even 10x starting res.
50x is a heap of free ships/sci/ect to whoever you are sending it to.


We played 1x starting res when the WS crew were cheating and got blocked…

Just look at it in percentages… With a 7 man fam you get a 15% family boost per multi you create. That is 15% regardless if it is 1x or 50x.

10k gc in a 1x res galaxy is the same value as 500k in a 50x starting res galaxy. Simply lowering it back to 1x does not solve the problem imo.

Although I will agree that it is much easier to tell who is cheating with lower starting res.


i think u missed my point… if u open the market later into the round, the extra starting ressies dosent matter… it wouldnt be worth getting 500k extra while ur fam makes 2 million a tick…


Ahhh yea that would work I think. I was referring to “time depending on starting ressies” … I think the appropriate amount of time would be the same regardless of starting ressies… 10k gc isnt worth it when you are making 50k a tic, just like 500k isnt worth it when you are making 2m.


if that would work… do u still want this vote to go on…:stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I still think having a non player driven market is better than not having a market at all for 1 - 2 weeks


I agree with pickle here (even if he resets his gal when he’s losing :laughing:) the ratios remain the same therefore the effect is the same, the only thing that changes is the time frame.


Its not quite the same.

While the % is the same the growth rates are different so the income you have at the 48 hour point relative to the starting resources is different for each starting amount.

In a 1 times start after about 12 ticks a banker earns 2.2k or 22% of your starting resources per tick
in a 50 times start after 12 ticks you’ve just fb your 8 explored planets and earn around 25k or 5% of your starting resources.

I haven’t simulated it but i suspected the difference will magnify till you hit tick 48 when market currently opens.


i think we should go back to classic market formula with decimals and that would detour market play alot more then just a new market or from players who play the market getting fat. just my thoughts.


Could we have market open from SOR for few non players (extragalactical traders?) and then open it to all after 1 week of round?

Those traders “from distant Veddek Galaxy” could try to rip off MW a bit, but would provide some extra ress and gc for those who must have them. Buying ress with 3-5 gc (food 0.03-0.05) and selling them with 25-50gc (food 0.25-0.5). Amounts would be limited and market could be bought off, for a while at least.

After market opens to MW (player) traders too, there could still be a non player element lurking in the background, possibly even keeping market prices reasonable, so octa or food(!) for 100gc would not be only offers.

Non player traders could sometimes offer even cheap ress or buy them with reasonable gc price. Like a small easter egg for those who are active in the market. Something balanced of course.


Just want to point this out to everyone when @Orion :heart: 's one of my posts… lol… the solution to the issue is prolly in there.

/me points up