News item from another empire

I just got a news item from another empire. I noticed it because it said I built things I know I didn’t build and the planet wasn’t even mine.

This is a very old bug and sounds like one that will take forever to track down in the code.

Alright. As long as it’s known I won’t worry about it. Thanks.

Free intel and people complain :hear_no_evil:


Right? I had the same thought. I mean, I wanted to report the bug, but still… :wink:

Related to this, I got this in Manthano2 today:

T-5094 Infrastructure We have built 594 Research center on 104,250:1.

This system doesn’t even exist when I try to find it.

I thought that stuff was just someone planting false info lol

Maybe it is. Maybe it’s not.

Not sure how false info works for the enemy if it tells you you built stuff on planets that don’t exist or aren’t yours.