New Spell: Bizarro

Bizarroes do the opposite of what everyone else does.

Turning cash factories into coal mines.

Food? Hm.

Throw away the food and eat the rinds.

Attack and defense?

They don’t feel like attacking! In fact, if you force them to attack, they may give a planet away!

If attacked, they run and hide!

Agents may give wrong info or hit wrong targets.

Wizards cans still cast zombie and bizarro spells. Everybody wants more of those!

Grow food till it chokes the planets!?

Give away real info!?

Give an enemy YOUR P-LIST!?

CAst e-storms to generate electricity ( and fry half your pop!)

I like the creativity here.

Combined with zombie spell, what would be the effect?
Undead bizarroes sitting down to a nice breakfast of brains?
Bizarroes rushing to become zombies?

We could call this the gremlin spell.

I don’t want to turn them into gremlins. I want to turn them into Bizarroes. What do you think?

For reference:

It’s an unusual idea for sure, but I think there’s something there in the concept of inverting status effects.

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Think of what it would do to a banker’s cash flow or a resourcer’s food production.
Not to mention a family’s attack strategy.
Suddenly the bankers are producing coal, which is only valuable to other Bizarroes!

Resourcers are sending potato skins and banana peels to bankers!

Let’s do it.

We need more details.

What is specifically is impacted, and how? For example:

What this actually mean, in terms of game status effect? We need to answer that for every example.

Food rinds might be difficult.

If you simply increase food decay, you’d have a lot of starving Bizarroes.
What you want is bizarro farms producing inedible junk that only Bizarroes can use.
Turning cash factories into coal mines or having bizarro pops taxed in coal instead of cash means introducing coal.

Once your pop, agents, wizards, and troops return to normal, you are left with no cash or usable food. You will have to find a bizarro to sell your coal to and get food from the family or the market!

So actually turn the food and cash into something nobody else can use.

Attack and defense:

defense effectiveness reduced as troops refuse to fight and droids are misprogrammed and fail or run away.

Attack effectiveness reduced or eliminated as droids are misprogrammed and troops refuse to fight and give away a planet when forced to confront the enemy.

Ops and spells will require a bit more thought.


alternative portal sab change: Make portal “free 2 da public”

LOL. Craziness reigns supreme.

As another twist, all messages and communications would be in misspelled bizarro speek!

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  • Vision - sends a vison of your hq page to target
  • Generate False Info - plants false reports about successful portal force field and hypnosis spells…and points the finger at you or a random member of your family!
  • Hypnotize - When triggered, makes pop reproduce like rabbits!
  • No Fear - Your troops will be terrified and flee from battle! They will be 10% lees effective.
  • Reduced Food Production - Food will grow out of control in target’s empire. Target will have plenty of food, but mines, refineries, ,occult centers, cash factories, and tax offices will be choked up! (on all planets, or only on planets with farms?)
  • Electric Storms - Storms generate electricity for your empire…which depends on CASH and DOESN’T HAVE SOLAR PANELS OR POWER PLANTS! (Not like Ectroverse!) In the process it kills your pop for 8 weeks!
  • Kill Scientists - Hypnotize your scientists to retire.
  • Create Portal Force Field - removes a portal force field
  • Find Targets Planet - gives target your p-list
  • Space Amazement - Your people will become totally disinterested in space exploration and will be content to stay home. Space exploration will cost twice as much in resources and coal.
  • Sense Defense System - can’t find a def stat with a cane and a pack of bizarro kryptos
  • Destroy Iron - doubles iron production
  • Octarine Hurricane - decontaminates irradiated iron

How about instead of a spell make it a random galactic event? In that situation, during the event whenever someone casts an op or spell there is a low to high random chance it will go bizarro with the outcomes as described here.

I’d rather have it as an offensive spell that changes your entire empire into Bizarroes. It would upset the entire balance!