New Player Training Grounds

Ok so I want to throw this out there even though I am sure it would be difficult to pull off. However, if it were possible I believe it would give new players the best possible preparation for going into a galaxy like MW and being immediately useful for their fams.

Galaxy Setup:

Families: 4
Trainers Per Fam: 3
Members Per Fam: 7
Round Length: 1 Week

In this galaxy, the trainers in each family would have full functioning accounts that they can use to show examples to their members for training purposes. These would vary from economic, diplomatic, and militaristic issues with the idea of giving players insight into how each of these areas work within the game and teaching the new players some of the more in depth tactics involved.

One particular function this galaxy would need is the ability to fast forward ticks. This is a simulator, not a full blown galaxy so the trainers would need to be able to have an option where they set a number of ticks they wish to fast forward. As each trainer did so, the round would fast forward to the lowest number of ticks and play that tick out in full. Then once that tick was complete, if the next tick was set to be fast forwarded by all 4 fams, it would bypass until the next tick that was not set. This would go on and on to simply fast forward through all the different wait times and simply get to the moments where the action is.

Each new player would play 1 round with each fam in a rotation so that they got as much experience and training from each families trainers as possible before entering into a normal galaxy.

I know this idea is flawed in some ways so please point out these areas and maybe there are solutions to them. It might be a better option to have set scenarios and run players through these in order to teach them the specific functions such as a fig vs fig fight, fleet jumping, eco jumping etc. The only problem with scenarios is that the game is rarely a repeat of any particular scenario. There are so many different factors playing out with so many other scenarios running at the same time that a set scenario would never have the same feel as a real round.

Instead of the fast forwarding of ticks, another option could be to have something like 10 minute ticks where the round pauses during a set time of day and restarts after a set amount of hours to allow the players sleep etc. 10 minute ticks while sleeping can ruin a round.

Overall, I just believe there needs to be a more effective way of training new players and making them useful in the game. Right now a new player can land in a family and it is a 50/50 (or worse) on whether the veteran players will give them the time of day to train them or even interact with them. This needs to change somehow. We veterans in the game need to welcome new players and encourage and train them as much as we can so that they may become hooked like we are and we can build up the base of the game again. Imagine what a 300 player or 500 player round would feel like again.

If you can’t find veterans willing to train in normal galaxies , I’ll doubt there will be enough active trainers for a training galaxy.

The days of 300 / 500 players won’t return. We don’t have the eye candy for it (@I_like_pie, you promised cheerleaders…:yum:?) .

Also the current (mobile) design isn’t that easy to understand for new players. Focus is conflict, but from hq to sending and attack takes minimum of 3 clicks…

The game is rather abstract with all the numbers and no visuals.

A better incentive might be dedicate trainer spots in MW. Give MW fams that are training a new player an additional spot.

The new player can apply for recruitment and will be placed.

If players stay the trainer can be awarded with an additional padawan spot.

As for trying stuff out. I would like a sandbox mode :slight_smile:

I agree that these idea’s aren’t going to help with anything as long as there is no influx of new players. I do think the days of 300/500 players could come back since we are living in the age of mobile gaming! The potential player base is so much larger than it once was but the game is too outdated to compete.

I do believe if Pie is making a new (simpler) game better adjusted to modern times we could see the player totals from before (and maybe even bigger).

SO GO PIE! We believe in you :smiley:

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I like the concept here but think it could be boiled down to 3 distinct but related features:

  1. a set of 1-player interactive tutorials, complete with manual “tick stepping”
  2. non-ranked fully draftable multiplayer training rounds with tick speed options
  3. preset starting empires, both for training purposes and for ranked experimental rounds

We have the groundwork for #1 and #2 already in the rewrite, but they won’t be playable for at least another month if not more. We’ve discussed #3 before but there’s no work yet done for that one.

Independently of this though, we have a larger problem in that the game lacks clear instructional material. Right now we have:

It’s a mess. In-game training experiences will help but we’ll always have confused players if we don’t clean up our reference material. What we really need is a community-driven effort to do exactly that.

I’d love to do this myself, but I have my hands full with code and to be completely honest plenty of you guys would be better at writing IC strategy than I would.

Anyway, the point is: we can (and should) solve this without code, at least in the short term. We just need experienced players willing to document their teachings so that several generations of players can benefit from their knowledge instead of just a single trainee.

If that sounds like something you want to do, let me know. A little help can go a long way.

I don’t mind writing small guides. Gimme a topic and I’ll draft a few paragraphs.

The real learning comes by doing though. Asking why a player built x and not y, and than test both to learn.

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Agreed for sure. The best solution will balance both of these components against each other.

As for a topic, how about this?

Note: @HydroP I’m going to split your original idea here into sub-threads for the specific related features. Thanks again for posting this. :+1: