New Fam-Based SS Galaxy - Signups!

arrg, only if it isn’t starting already in June (going harpooning goldfish).

I’d prefer custom races over Qezians but foremost that’s the decision of those setting it up.

The beer is telling me that I want to join this super sweet sounding galaxy…When I’m sober I might change my mind. However… count me in right now.


I’ll play.

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I play

ill play

please remove my name, i realized im gonna be busy at work until late august, so im not sure ill be able to play with little free time i have…i do not want to disappoint teammates if i were to join. sorry :frowning:

the galaxy will be open for random too and as an SS galaxy it is more catered toward a play style at your own pace. so feel free to join as random once that opens up.

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Let me know if anyone is looking for a player to round out there team :stuck_out_tongue:

US-east time

When does randoms happen? I havent recieved invite yet.

Randoms were announced a couple of days ago in the discord. Too late to join now unless an inactive gets removed.

K ty

Argh, sorry oldie :frowning:

It was also announced on forums in the thread for it: New Galaxy: TeamSSv1.0

There were close to 30 spots for randoms

I’m sure someone will get killed off well wait I gotta take someone out be on the look as soon af the 2 day limit is up

@oldie 1 spot opened up @Schnapp

Oldie joined already when pitbull was killed. Who is gone now?

Easyway is leaving/has left (if I was active I would know what was happening in my own fam)

Ok, I missed this galaxy completely.
How did it go? Basically everybody had a race that you can do anything with… Did people really play SS, or did eventually people play banker/ressor roles anyways?
Or was family aid disabled?

UPDATE --> never mind, I see now, no market, no fam aid…

im in … add me to list please