Need help understanding econ

In Manthano2, I’m trying to learn in more detail each type of econ. Right now I’m doing CF/TO/RC. My net income keeps going down and I’d like to understand why before I move on to pop banking. Here’s my current info:

Income +215,855
Units -0
Buildings -16,034
Bureaucracy -138,878
Net income 60,943
Mining facility 3074 19%
Research center 2305 14%
Hydroponic farm 565 4%
Refinement station 280 2%
Occult center 160 1%
Tax office 586 4%
Cash factory 9064 57%
Total 16034 100%

What do I do to increase my income with this system? (Without adding LQ?)


Educated guess:


Your cash reserves are growing (because you are probably saving for LQs) and you pay more taxes: 0.5% of your cash is spent on bureaucracy.

  1. Open site.
  2. Click all the sidebar buttons.
  3. Read every single word.
  4. Click every hyperlink.
  5. Learn the 10 things that don’t apply anymore.
  6. Wonder and marvel at why this is not updated anymore.
  7. Check back on things 35 times a day.
  8. Make a bunch of mistakes anyway even tho 99% of the information is there.

What I don’t understand then is that 138,878 is much more than 0.5% of 215,855.

It takes your total cash reserves into account, not just what you earned this tick.

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Oh, ok, I spaced on “reserves.” Thanks.

You must be doing business with a Wall Street bank because it appears they are charging you for keeping money in your account.

Simple truth is that in IC cash and resources are best reinvested into infrastructure or troops. Letting either sit filling up vaults and silos gives a negative return on your investment.


Audiodef the easiest solution to learning eco is join the Horde.

Problem solved…

The Horde have the eco market cornered period :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Thanks, that is very helpful. :sunglasses: