NAP warning + break history

Instead of outright restricting aggression, give a player a big warning but ultimately let them break the nap if they really want to.

If a player breaks a nap, they are labelled as a nap breaker on their empire and fam pages.

This gets rid of accidental nap breaks but still lets people role play and use deceit as valid strategy if they really want to.

love it

Though: what about planet trades during NAP? Need to be able to set planets open for trade between NAP’ed families.

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Isn’t that what the DPA is for in realations, or is that broken

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Not broken, I use it often.


I like this but how would it work. Would the entire fam get the Nap Breaker tag or would it just be the induvidual that broke it?

Honestly, how is this different than the Rogue tag?

In the old days, you could declare the NAP-breaking player rogue and attempt to kill him off, as well as declare him fair game to the aggrieved family, but even that was sometimes not enough.

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The rogue tag is imposed upon you without your consent for any reason the leader wants.

A NAP-breaker tag would be self-imposed by your own actions, with a big warning to let you know beforehand that it will happen if you intentionally break a NAP.

There is overlap, but the NAP-breaker tag would remove any uncertainty about the situation. You’d know at a glance and without a doubt that a player actively chose to break an agreement. They would be unable to deny it.

Both, but slightly different indicators.

It would make sense to show that a family contains a NAP-breaking empire, but we shouldn’t infer that the entire team endorses the action.

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That would be a nice way to eliminate the breaking of a NAP by an honest mistake. Been guilty of that myself from time to time.

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I dont think I’ve ever voted for something this fast.

@I_like_pie is it like a tag? Under ur tag in forums?

My vote would be to have it right under there name in the forums.

Or perhaps if its not full shame then a link connect to there name where we see the history?

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We don’t have the ability yet to put it directly in the forum, but there are plans to consolidate forum/game profiles into a single view, which would show nap breaks as part of a player’s game history.



@Lord_Pickle suggested there being a morale penalty for volling a nap.

That would let it be possible, but not as much of a round ender.

As always, there is a downside to automated systems. Or non-automated ones for that matter.

If two players – or two families – who have a NAP want to trade planets or systems for any reason, then an automated system likely would record these actions as a NAP break, whereas in reality it is not.

It would be unfair to brand players as NAP breakers in that situation.

Dpa works

The initial work for this has split off into NAP Refactoring, which will also set the foundation for Improved NAP terms.