Nap payment

One of the largest issues with wars is the end when you nap.
To many times i have seen nap talks go bad over families expecting 10-15% of remaining planets or in expos and what ever was gained. That could cripple a family or a single player.
This is not a lot of planets when one has 800-1k ob but when a family has limited space it could be crippling or just to stressful for a player to continue beyond.
We have seen players delete and or fight for rounds apon rounds yet we have never changed it.

Each player will always have there own idea on nap payment costs and every situation deserves a different amount.
That being said my idea would be to give the option of another payment source.

A family leader should have page where leaders can preform naps and payments ingame with other families,
so for instant if i wanted to nap family 55 and they agreed to terms the leaders would click nap and then place x amount of cords they can take(speed dpa) and with a page made for naps you could incude payments from infra instead of planets. Say 200m gc rather then x amount of planets.
Having it done through an ingame nap option would make it so its not needed to be done through market and so families cant just utilize it to fund an alliance


I like this but would it be abused to aid other families?


Not if it was only available wile first making the nap