NAP Overhaul

Peace mongers, relationship handlers, and diplomats of all stripes: we have a NAP overhaul!

Unlimited NAPs

Before we get into the visual changes, you should know that the previous limit of 2 NAPs per family has been removed.

Your family is now once again free to NAP as many families as desired.

The Relationships Page

The relationships page has been cleaned up and has signed a Non-Aggression Pact with your eyeballs.

See the before and after below. This is test data btw; these NAPs aren’t real, but they might be some day!



New Action Flows

The leaders and vice leaders amongst you will notice that making and accepting NAP offers, as well as cancelling NAPs, no longer happen on this page.

Instead, each one of these items will link to the relevant family page where actions can be made without having to cycle through all of the families in the galaxy. This should be much more straight forward than before.

No more accidentally signing a NAP with the wrong family!

Examples, you say?

Offering a NAP

When making an offer, you will be presented with a simple form to set the cancellation window of your choice.

Receiving a NAP Offer

When receiving an offer, you can either accept the terms as they are, or make a counter-offer.

:new: New! Making a Counter-Offer

If you receive a NAP offer from a family, but you’d prefer a different cancellation window than what they offered, you can counter-offer with what you want and it will be on them to accept or make a counter-offer of their own.

Withdrawing a NAP Offer

Cancelling a NAP

:new: New! Re-Offering a NAP during the cancellation window

During the post-cancel countdown, both parties will be able to re-offer a NAP if they decide that they want to give peace another chance.

If both parties agree to re-NAP with each other, the cancellation itself will be cancelled and the new NAP will be active.

These same notices will also show up for all family members, but those who can’t manage NAPs will not see the action buttons.

More to come!

This is all foundational work for 2 highly-voted features:

This overhaul sets the stage for us to improve upon NAPs even further.

If you have other ideas about how NAPs can be improved, please feel free to post them in #roadmap:ideas. If you experience any bugs with this overhaul, please post them in #support:bugs.

Thanks, and happy NAPping!


Wonderful and logical addition, thanks for acting Pie!


Should have more length choices than 24, 48 & 72 hour NAPs. A Perm NAP would be nice on paper, but in a galaxy like Infinitum that may be overkill.


Frankly infini is the extreme and I don’t think it should be used as an example to influence regular galaxies. Infini is currently being used to, I guess, point out game flaws. There is no game flaw with the current nap choices in regular galaxies.

PS - if pie wants to add more options for infini cool :stuck_out_tongue: no reason to change that in regular galaxies tho

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Unless I’m missing something blindingly obvious, aren’t all NAPs permanent if you don’t cancel? The number of hours is the wait time before attacks are ok after one or both parties cancel.

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Technically, you are correct.

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Not sure I like the idea of nap options not being on the “foreign relations” page where foreign relations stuff happens, instead it has become a read only?
Why bother having it at all then?
Just have the information on each families page and do away with foreign relations page <---- sarcasm…
Makes no sense to me 🤷

Seems you have just added extra clicks and moved the action that correlates to the information to 2 separate places.

Maybe the offer nap button in family pages could link you to foreign relations and have that fam already input into nap offer options, then only needing to select the nap terms…

On top of this, the nap offer button being on fam pages and the game being laggy as shit, mis clicks happen all the time, now there is just 1 more place to mis click something that matters :raised_hands:

But yay for not limiting naps :bread:


Funny you should say that. :open_mouth: I’ve been considering doing exactly that once wars are updated in a similar fashion.

Especially now that NAPs are no longer limited, having a relations page at all is going to quickly become less useful compared to being able to see NAP and War statuses (as icons) alongside family listings in the rankings page + integrated into the map views.

If you had 20 NAPs in Infinitum, for example, the relations page will just be noise.

The best of both worlds would be able to have an “options” button alongside each family listing + a “confirm” button to protect against mis-clicks + buttons on the family page as well.

You’ve definitely got a point there about extra clicks and mis-clicks. The good news is, now that the hard part of this is all over, adjustments to address your points will be fairly easy to make. :smiley:

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  1. Fucking sweet biskttz work dere Ilpy. Thank you! :unicorn:
  2. Could we bring back Perm Naps too?

There is the occasional need for 'em.

Or, when @Airwing and @Lord_Pickle come back, they are gonna be really confused with all those crazy nap numbers and then they will see “Perm Nap” and be like “aaaawwwe yeah, that is a real mans nap - pie knows what’s up”.

Gotta play to the crowd.

I thought of suggesting showing naps on rankings page after I posted my rant lol, but I had already posted and would have had to post again, similiar to what I’m doing now, to have thrown the extra 2 cents in 🤷

So gg!


^ :teddy_bear:

Nice Pie!

Next step is making napped families a different color on the map ?