MW Deletions

So it has taken me two days to post this, but I wanted to give a recount of our round and why we deleted. Be warned this will probably be really long and have some tangents so bear with me.

For the past few rounds I have either not played or been super inactive due to families that were inactive, or with people the frankly I did not want to play with.

This round I got lucky and randomed with TBO, and Young Wolf, then we drafted Tommy. All three of these guys are beasts. Tommy has an understanding of the game and its mechanics that I think is unparalleled. And wolf literally sacrifices his health to be on 20 hours a day if needed. And TBO is just TBO.

We got 2 randoms in Ordos and Cxris. I had played with Ordos before but knew nothing of Cxris.

First tangent, I know I am new, but being able to play with friends and people you know makes this game so much better. It makes the long rounds go by, and just adds so much more fun to the round. MW rounds should be mostly drafts, with only 1 or 2 randoms. I think this would keep vets here as they can play with the people they want, and still allows newer plays to join good fams, learn and make friends.

So anyway we got off to a ridiculous start. The unlimited expo allowed us to grow at new and crazy rates. The round started Wednesday and by Sunday we were already discussing when expo would end and how may planets were left. Joking it was said that we should expo everything left in the galaxy. We had a decent eco lead, with Airwing and Noir behind us, but Noirs fam had been hijacked by TU and Daylight.

Tommy started looking at the math to see if it was possible, about this time Blonde explored close to 200 planets and we knew we had to act fast. And this is where we made our first mistake. We wanted to get max planets possible, and due to Tommy and Wolf con we had to use CXRIS.

I say this was a mistake for a few reasons. Cxris just explored where ever he wanted with no plan or though to what he was doing. And this is where people really got angry because he was exploring peoples home systems and their inner cores. Now I think it ridiculous that people had not explored their own HS or their inner core. The second reason was cxris for some reason thought he was keeping all of the planets, and began building lasers and random buildings on them. Never passing them to the family.

Well people got real pissed off real fast. Wolf and been working diplo had and had gotten us naps with most of the families in MW. With the exception of Beers and Mrblondes family. Beers came after us almost immediately. We had the better eco still and as i said Wolf is a beast. and were able to take care of them in a day or two. As soon as that was over Mrblondes family came after us with similar results.

At this point the round was 9 days old, the entire galaxy had been explored, we had already been in 2 wars and won, and had 1 day to eco. And when i say eco, it was on the planets we had before we explored because cxris refused to pass. But while we were warring for almost 3 days Airwing was able to take over the eco lead. and he cancelled on us.

We originally decided to try and save and war, using Tommy and Wolfs attacking skill to even out the savings difference, about 4 hours before the war 2 other families cancelled on us. At this point some one joking said we should just all delete. I was against it at first, but the guys convinced me. There was no real point in trying to fight a 3v1. And it was solidified when 2 more families canceled on us.

Second tangent. I already made a post about it, but something has to be done about how wars and naps are handled in this game. It is getting ridiculous. There needs to be checks and balance on how wars occur, how long they last, how much can be taken, and how long each family has to cool down.

So all decided to delete, and I know our deletions caused others to as well. But for us, it was better to just leave and relax for a few weeks instead of trying to win a 5v1.

I know there was a lot of behind the scene politics that honestly I was not involved in. All I know is that from a game play stand point this was honestly the worst round that I have played since I joined the game. There was just no fun. My fun was had in my chats with my other 3 great family members.

Some may flame or troll but honestly I dont care. Everyone that plays this game gives a lot of their personal life and time to play it. And honestly we werent willing to keep doing that this round.


Nice speech. Interesting to hear you guys did the math on the explo thing and then didn’t actually discuss the plan with Cxris, atleast it sounds that way.

Let me guess, you had put him to one side and let him do nothing up to that point? I think that is actually one of the biggest problem at the moment. Expecting players to stick around when 2/3 people do everything for a few weeks.

Which is exactly why I think we need one of the SS rounds, solo or family based, whichever, short and snappy solo rounds.

Yeah you can say we hijacked a fam, truth is I joined to stop another problem I see, in the “free drafts” which is something your fam actually complained about while it was happening, quite a few players knew I wasn’t playing this round and some players in your fam even knew I had joined for that reason alone, although I probably wouldn’t have noticed if noir hadn’t started doing it in general chat, which I will admit made it more annoying and pretty much irresistible to stay out.

You can’t really blame other people not exploring their own cores as a reason for you guys to do so, and then complain when people aren’t happy with the largest fam set up in their backyard. Not really your fault entirely as it’s an element of the game that shouldn’t be possible, and if anything, thank you for actually showing that to pie!!

You guys obviously feel like the whole gal decided as a whole to take you on, well I dunno if any of that is true or not I had stopped by that point, I can say for certain our fam wasn’t involved in any IA’s, but I agree alliances as a whole need to be stopped unless the fams are tiny, and then, they need to be official or not at all. I would prefer an explicit, no allies.

You ending your post with “my other 3 great family members” almost highlights the fact that the game needs that element that forces everyone to work together. Yes it’s a crutch when people don’t play, but when someone is new and willing, them being set completely aside is just going to cause them to leave.

Anyway, your situation along with other situations such as my fams that occurred this round should be highlighting things for the bucket list of suggestions of things that people would like stopped and thanks for actually posting them here in the forum where pie can actually read and respond constructively rather than just spitting dummies out in short discord spats, like others choose to.


I think the right direction for IC is the more casual road. If your family isnt able or willing to do the con infra jumps and planet swapping at the SOR you are already way behind the families that are able to pull those off. These SOR strategies are IMO very tedious and time consuming and provide very little fun to the game. Like Daylight said you only need one or two persons coordinating those jumps, the rest just follow mindlessly. Either remove con science from the game or make networth gains/losses happen instantly and not on the tick.
The Unofficial Alliance part is the other thing that needs adjusting. I understand Pie cant babysit every round and its impossible to fully control. changing the market to stop aiding and perhaps make planets only conquerable when at war is declared might make UA`s less impactful.

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Beers gained 60-70 planets, you took like 5 with infra and gave them back, how do you figure you won that exchange lol

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LOL, MTG_Dad are you even slightly trying to blame Cxris exploring in our HS on us? You clearly did the math and were two days late to pull that maneuver. Everyone was portalled up and busy with defenses. Don’t blame us for Cxris being too thick to understand that what he did was always going to be considered an act of war.
Had you gone for about a hundred planets less, you probably would have been declared the winner. After 2 fights in 1 and a 1/2 day, I already came to that conclusion. What you did was too much and it backfired. No need to blame it on others.

We have been fighting everyone for over 2 weeks now and we still try to persevere. Another war has been declared yesterday and someone already cancelled another NAP.

Also, nice read. I see your point of view and disagree entirely on almost every single point.

You say playing with your friends over and over, round after round, makes you want to stick around more. But previous developments in this game have proven otherwise. Friends sticking together round after round ended in the closest thing to death this game has ever been.
I’ve randomed into a family with hardly anyone I knew and have found out there’s still some good, willing players that get stuck in the lower families normally.
They’re still fighting now after getting pummeled one time after another.
And we’re just a band of misfits…

I agree wholeheartedly that things need to change, but going back to whole drafted families would be great for one or two families and would mean the rest would go inactive/delete.

I think a classic galaxy where fams stick together for several rounds and have an incentive for training new players would help with most of those issues, mw can stay a vip paradise though with the few people left its more like a custom galaxy anyway.

Mtg you guys had a horrible strategy and got wrecked learn from it and move on.


Hi it’s me Jets,
I am in blondes family I would say overall i been a good soldier doing what the family needs. This round was interesting with the changes to exploring. Allowed for varied starts ,but overall they all fell back into the whole of econ jumps and min maxing. Honestly my family been to busy in wars to econ much.

I would say bad strategy and lack of good communication to cxris is a big place to start with your family’s problems.

Drafts or not you play with whoever and make the best of it. That is what I always have done. I do love the game ,but I hate some things about it also.

Maybe the unlimited expos failed ,but we need to live and learn before our bridges burn shootout to Joe public. Also I like big butts and I cannot lie.


Nobody likes a quiter

Ordos is just a prick