MW 70 the round of farming

Is it just me or has there been a lot more farming of the bottom 3 families this round. My fam included but I will say we have been sitting bottom 5 most of the round plus we have tried to talk naps with swagga but have got no were but ops on us

What fam are you in? I don’t have any messages for nap talks

Yes shitloads worst i ever seen since i got back lol, some people just like farming.
Be ashamed.

Seeing a fam with 100 planets getting hit by top fams you reallly dont like people to enjoy this game.

To farm or to be farmed ! ==> Imperial Conflict <==

Good thing I don’t play MW anymore… that drama gal.

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It’s about the same as every single round

so nobody should be surprised when new players do it

This IA ain’t helping shit

Not sure if this is directed at me @rizz

Just to be clear ive had shares with 7049 since SOR, like week 1.

Never did a single attack on them including when pickle who was there leader kept trying to clear me, never retaliated.

About 1.5 weeks ago they jumped a camaar to 2 mil.nw? And cleared all our shares including 5 or so cpffs.

At that point is when we decided to jump, and retaliate.

Thats probably the reason you didnt see a single one of 7049 not whinnning here about farming. As we didnt start the aggression.

Swagga we took 4 planets? They took some back and thats it.

Most of r planets were earned with securing a good core during explo

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No @HellRaizeR it was not directed at you believe me it’s not just your family my family is included in this it was directed at everyone

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