“MW 35% Poll”

  • Please bring back 35% asap.
  • Please keep as is.

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In my opinion, it hurts small fams, they can never gain ground.
I feel it prevents people from learning the game.

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Individual 35% rule wouldn’t prevent farming. Big fams can easily keep a small attacker without infra.

Other options could be:

  • apply 35% rule to fams, not individuals
  • give small fams an additional attack bonus relative to the nw difference
  • limit the ammount of planets attackers can pass within fam

Agreed, and this was the specific reason it was disabled. The 35% rule is a good idea, but not in its current broken form as it allows large families to use it as a loophole to fund tiny attackers to wreck other small families while being literally invulnerable. This was already happening this round.

Yes, the rule not being there is bad for small families but the rule being there but not working correctly is also bad for small families. The only good thing for small families is the rule working correctly, which is planned but with no ETA yet.

If I understand this request correctly, the first poll option here might better read as:

  • Please bring back 35% without the fix ASAP

In which case I am not in favor of doing that, but if enough people want it I am open to reconsidering.



If we knew how to word a poll to ask the correct question, we would be you.

/much love

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Don’t sell yourselves short, you guys know what players want more than I do. It’s just a matter of hashing out the details. :slight_smile:

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The vote is unanimous.

coming from the ranked 5 out of 7 fams, I like that there is no 35% rule. Keeps it simple.