MTG_Dads Podcast Update

First let me apologize for 2 things:

  1. This giant wall of text that is coming
  2. My absence the past few weeks, work and game frustration has gotten in the way.

So as you may seen I have made a few changes to my channel. #Schedule will be a read only channel for everyone, and I will truly be using it as announcements and show scheduling.

My show as you know it will be changing for good. I have had an idea in my head since my son was born and this is the birth of that idea. It wont be perfect at first, hell it wont be what I want for probably a few months or longer.

I will still touch on IC topics, mainly from a high level stand point. But I will be expanding into other topics, Marvel, GoT, Comics, Video Games, maybe some sports, and some parenting points.

I will still be having cohosts, though I have not run this by @Tommy or @RandO at all. For now though they will stay in that spot.

I do plan to continue to run 2 shows a week. Though this week will be an exception as I have Daddy duties Friday morning.

So with that I welcome you to the Leveling Up Newbies Podcast, and our first show will be this Friday, May 3, at 1030pm EST


Thanks for the updates. Keep up the great job.