but Dad… I want to help you play IC!


TBO, you have a pet cow?

Can’t you read? That’s TBOs Dad playing IC. :joy:


I have 9

:thinking:… dads? I thought you had miss-clicked and shared your haute cuisine dinner photo you’d wanted to share on bookface?

I only have my blow-up sheep, goat and camel or don’t they count? Maybe this Christmas people will visit my stable :cry: (

I think your stable will be empty for a while.

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Lol, your cow got kicked from the pets page. :joy: I guess pets are no joke.

Let him help, maybe you’ll actually do something then @TheBigOne

I wouldn’t @Orion I really would still suck :slight_smile:

I was at a county fair not long ago. There was one cow that was absolutely adorable. I walked up to her from outside the stable. She stuck her head up over the top, tilted her head this way and that, batted her eyes at us. She was a total clown. If I had money and a place for her, I would have brought her home on the spot.

Girlfriends are better imho… :joy:

Well… not gonna argue with that!

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