Milky Way 70: The No-Newb Shuffle

its not often that Hellz speaks, but when he speaks I Like

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The return of PA and AW?

btw, gonna do a pvc for mw70 like i used to, using a similar stochastic model… (ive gotten better since then)… i might be trying to reach out to some of you, if i havent met you before… i have generally have mostly accurate postings… so if i am inquiring, its just to get info for that, and also say hi… Cheers! o/


Don’t login for 3 days and find I cannot join as galaxy full…Pie, your way of getting oldies back in is now affecting the oldies who have come back but cannot join!!!

Still noobs around, just noobs that pay for patreon. Like me :rofl::woman_shrugging:

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Same :joy:

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Just stick around a couple days scammer I’ll be leaving and other inactives will be killed off

A lot of older player won’t like being in that fam

@Scammer sorry to hear that, but if we don’t cap it the fams end up being uneven after joins slow down.

Your (and others’) best bet is to wait for any inactive drops. Infinitum is also open if you’re not there already.

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It’s all good patience

Yeah looks like I might have 2 inactives too. One joined and hasnt responded to messages. The other did and asked for discord but hasnt been on since and never joined, hasn’t answered messages again. We will see what happens

sadly i think my fam is all active. might have to clear a spot for ya dronze though… This makes for a better playing experience. I am sure if 10 players couldn’t get in he would of added a spot ,but then numbers would be worse once inactives kicked in

Sucks for droze great player for any family

We gonna try and snag him if possible. So hands off everyone :smiling_imp:

nope :rofl::smiling_imp:

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The first inactive sweep has opened up 3 spots.

btw, my pvc is underway… likely to post tomorrow… gotta few connections i want to make before i run my galagoluminator senario…


We definitely have had 3/4 inscribed