Milky Way 65 has been created!

It’s all good @HydroP. I was surprised as many wanted normal ressies as they did, but that’s what won the vote.

We’ve done it before with 6 week rounds and it wasn’t too horrible, but yes definitely slower. We do have about twice as many spots too as some of those older rounds, so that should help a bit too.

If after 5 weeks or so the round is not decided yet, perhaps by then we can discuss a bit of a round extension, but let’s first see what happens!

I am happy that the ressies are shorter for sure. Makes it fun because activoty and economic management becomes extremely important.

However, it will take away from wars lol. I mean sure raids on unportaled players may happen, but not real wars until the latter half or 2 weeks of the round.

N E ways…just wanted to throw it out there!

Nope, they were definitely in the shape of the galaxy at some point!


It was an option yeah. There was spiral and “target” (circle) and such but the only one that still works is random.

This is possible again though with the new custom maps, as we saw @Vegnarok do with Sirius. The process is very tedious though; we likely won’t be able to do this for primary galaxies until we make a proper map editor, which would be part of the Galaxy Creator.

Milky Way 65 is open for all! Please use the new direct join link:

Good luck, everybody!


1 spot per fam has been added. We’ll add 1 more after this before capping it there at 10 players per fam.

you just want to keep us on our toes an change starting strategies with less then 23 hours remaining lol

you’d prefer fewer team mates? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is going to be such a fun round, I love warm ApplePie!

when will the player limit per fam raised to 10??

Looking to be a really interesting round!

all families are full, there was an announcment that an additional spot per fam will be opened, so 10 per family, can this happen now pls when the universe is unexplored and the round is young!!??

Glad to see the game in the hands of Pie’s team. Three Cheers old timer!!

Although, am sad to come back after a long Spice run to discover that all the real galaxies are full. Guess, I’ll park this rust bucket fleet for another spell.


Thanks @Terror_of_the_Night!

Heads up: another wave of inactives are dropping next tick, so some spots should be open soon if you still wanna jump in. :+1:

I’m in. Now to see if I can navigate the system, much less remember how to play. LOL

When will assimilation start happening? Some of the bottom fams are really behind.