Military Training/Manufacture Costs

As an empire gets larger the cost to construct infrastructure rises.

Should training military troops and constructing vehicles also rise with the size of an empire?

Why so? Why not?

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My initial thoughts are the costs should rise for everything, even exploration ships.

But what effect on the game would doing so have?

I doubt it would change expo phase much at all.

I do think that attackers might build smaller fleets and be more protective of them.
So perhaps it would reduce conflict a little bit. But perhaps not.
It is not like such costs have deterred bankers from OBing all these years.

With all that taken into consideration, I think the most likely outcome is that it slows down the rapid rise of the top empires and therefore keeps the rounds competitive for a bit longer.

No opinions from the peanut gallery? Really??

@team opinions welcome. :slight_smile:

If Terror is right that increasing costs for fleet helps keep rounds competitive longer, then I think it is definitely worth considering.

We can always try it for one or two rounds.

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It ruins balance in many ways. Bankers already have a terribly hard time to defend against attacker races, now were making fleets for big infra players more expensive by a growth factor compared to those same smaller attackers. All it does is making fleet running and early raids more interesting - I think


Why would they build less fleet? They are typically small empires with relative low NW and (very) high con science - if anything, it would become more interesting to damage banker fleets because for them it becomes WAY more expensive to rebuild fleet

And I am always opposed to “punishing” fams who do better than other fams. It is a socialist idea I cant get behind.

I know some fams get stunted growth due to less players, but some fams just arent as good or make stupid decisions in comparison and they shouldn’t be able to easily compete with the better fam. That is where tactics and strategy come in.


Very valid points @Hala. This is why it is great to view things from as many different perspectives as possible.

I liked the idea @Terror_of_the_Night until @Hala pointed it out. Hala makes a good point. Its already unfair on bankers, imagine not being able to build decent fleets for defense cause of huge empire costs.

It makes sense but the balance would shift even more.

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Isn’t the opposite true IRL? With huge resources and buying power, costs reduce.

If Walmart had to pay more than a tiny store, that just wouldn’t make sense.

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