Me final ranks

Interested to see how those eor jumps came along

Not rushing you pie I know its Christmas time

Congrats to 03 for more then doubling up the second place family in networth

Why Thanks! was a good Round and a great team!


So the MargaritavilleRaiders, win the round with a 50m NW gap with their competitors TheMods, whom win size.

So you guys jumped more NW than TheMods ended up with at EOR. Yet you guys cancelled your EOR war with TheMods saying my little raid was to blame? Seems like you guys could’ve easily whooped Pickle his fam.

I have to say I am glad my fam did more damage to the top 2 families than any other family in the galaxy.

Anyways, merry Christmas everybody!

If Raiders had still had their war with The Mod family, it still would have had some people in her talking crap about Mod family’s banker being killed before the war and how our huge savings were the reason we beat them rather than a real war happening in the first place. Both sides know it would have been one sided fleet wise and the decision would just have been who could keep up morale wise with retakes at the end.

In the end, it came down to either spending the morale and time hitting dishonorable cheaters like yourself Sol or hitting The mod family who all round abided by our nap/peace without ever a problem and who had already been crippled.

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No respect from me.

If you can jump 50 mill more nw and:

  1. have massive shares with mods
  2. had over two weeks of opportunity up to eor to war mods over size
  3. and bullied small fams trying to get size

than it’s kinda a sad day for IC actually. No should have, would have. Raiders just didn’t.

Sol may violated game rules. His legal game actions did bring some needed excitement.

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Problem I see is naps not perm naps. Naps are what ruins everything. Everyone worried to fight because they have this planned war. Or people take advantage because they know a war is coming so they vulture or use it as an opportunity to get a said nap.

Let people pnap If they fight. Don’t let people cancel nap if they just want to infra till work and hope one war can win them the round . Then top fans also would be worried to pnap others incase the other fans were the size winners. Less infra more fights longer fights. Cancel naps have become way to common place every tround it comes down to the eor war and displaces and encourages farming

50 mill nw lead and still in need of pnaps to feel safe to war :rofl:

Everything you are adding to defend raiders not having the big war makes this more ridiculous. Pls continue, it’s hilarious.

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My post is complete opposite if you read it correctly.