Map options for alliances

So playing Infinite with alliances and actually never really playing solo competitively, I have come to realize that with so many players in a gal and in each alliance it will be pretty damn tedious searching specific fams either friend or foe.

So what I’m suggesting is new search options for map.
In the drop down list of families on the map you could have flags you can select for each family that you have to manually give each family, so like a friend/Ally option, enemies/threats option and maybe a grey area type option.
Once these families have been given a tag you can toggle, like all the other search terms, which ones you would like to see on the map.

I made halp, smash the like button and get the Bell on, comment below what you would like to see in conjunction with this amazing yet simple solution to a very tedious process.

Or have unlimited tags for players, then being able to make unlimited? Options for map lists.

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I’ve split this into 2 related but distinct features: Entity Tagging and Show tags in map.

I’m closing this thread to release the votes, feel free to discuss further on the #roadmap:to-do threads above. :+1: