Make War declarations public



There have been countless times where I have attacked a family only to learn they are at war with another family already. I think a cool idea would be to make war declarations public. Maybe put them over on the right side of the layout next to the universal news where it shows the recent attacks made.

Also, I think in addition to displaying the active wars for everyone to see, make it so you can click on the war and it will show the war stats… like how many attacks have been made, which family is up/down and by how many planets since war was declared.

This will help lower vulturing and take away the excuse “I didn’t know”.

If you like this idea and want to see it happen, please vote for it via the “Vote” button in the top left of this page.

Public War Declarations
69 VS 67 War Time

I like it.

As an addition, we could also auto-create uni-news threads to encourage discussion.


This sounds very useful.





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