Mafia 86? 89? I honestly don't know

I think its 83 :thinking: maybe


As long as we actually get stories again, I’m in

All I do is in in in no matter what

You played yoself, im in

Epic blonde game ok in

i am in, if i do not forget about it.


I’m in if I wasn’t already,

Zeraph says he’s in too.

Only 50 more to go before we can start.

Punch this ticket and put me in

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Arby says hes in

took me 2 hours to find this thread, the pin in discord is wrong and this thread isn’t even in the right sub category :ic_angry:

Promising start…

I’m also in.


Fine! :fu:

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i’m in

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Holy fuck is this real… I see a mirage! In!!!


ahhhh screw you guys… i´m in…

I’m in!

Its on like donkey kong

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