Limit Sci Builds

Sci builds have always had a big history with IC, and always been fun to implement. I’m actually a big fan of them.

However, I think with today’s player base and activity, it can form a large disparity between fams. For instance you may one really active, and capable person to execute (and credit to them for being active to be able to do so), but many other fams although may know how to do it, just don’t have the same level of activity.

I think we should consider limiting this part of the game, as now, imo, it is less to do with skill and more to do with activity.

Not refined ideas on how we could do it, but maybe something like:

  • Fix morale for intra fam attacks (e.g. 10 - so you can only ever take 11 planets from someone)
  • Some other limitation on how many planets you can take in a given tick
  • etc

The ideas to implement, could definitely be up for discussion.

To compensate, we could look at having intra fam attacks never raze infra. This way, even a low player in the fam can pass upwards, without having to worry about the 70% rule for keeping infra.


My first instinct is to oppose this vehemently.

But then I sit back and I think about it, and I think about how SOR goes now. How most players in a fam basically do nothing for a week while “con” builds go between 2 players. I also consider how eco gets going so fast that by eor there is little growth left to be had and people are just sitting around saving.

This could potentially be a good thing. It would force every player to play a more integral role during the SOR strategies and also slow growth down for everyone making the 6 weeks of time much more valuable.

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“vehemently” such a strong word :o

Having networth apply instantly has been a proposed solution for this.
Have planet networth applies the tick you get the planets not the tick after.

Means networth would have to update as you are attacking tho so may not be simple to implement.

science should be rewarded ,but what mw is showing this round is that if you only do science builds you will keep pulling away from others.

Could be considered anti fun due to players sitting on 1 planet for awhile not really playing the game the way it was intended. exploring for their fam and that is it.

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Maybe a change could be to remove the ability to fund science

That would be great fix for SoR ,but many bankers don’t build RC’s and fund science. Maybe a 48hr no funding science?

Same thing can be achieved with RC’s. So I don’t think that’ll help.

But it’s good that so far we all thing along similar lines.

Need the wheels turning a bit more on what could be done.