Leveling Up Newbies Podcast Update (PVC, Noir Interview)

Warning incoming wall of text

Many people have been asking when and where the podcast will be uploaded.

First let me thank each of you for listening, wanting to listen, giving advice, and asking that I keep doing content.

I am very new to content creation, and am not that good at it yet. Last year when I was doing shows every week to every other week I had a good system set up. But i am still learning, and having to take a lot of steps to get the program set up, get the recording, convert it for editing, edit it, then convert it for posting. And the equipment i am using is nothing special, likewise for the programs i use.

I say this because this Saturday and Sunday I had numerous technical difficulties. While the content of both shows was very very good, i was not happy at all with the quality.

Which brings me to the reason for this post, amid the numerous technical difficulties that I encountered, my recording program only recorded 4 minutes of the NOIR interview, and about 10 minutes of the PVC with Tommy.

First let me apologize, i know many of you were looking forward to this, and I know this is a let down. But trust me, i have beat myself up for it plenty over the past 2 days. Before the next show (which will come sooner rather than later now) I will be researching new ways to handle recording, editing, and posting.

I still have the written show notes that I made that can be posted for a written PVC, though much has changed since Sunday.

Once again I apologize and welcome any and all feed back, criticism,advice, or well wishes



Don’t worry about it @MTG_Dad, I was looking forward to listening the recording, but this shit happens. Trust me, I know :stuck_out_tongue:

As i suddenly have a lot of free time on my hands, i dont mind returning :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey man, don’t sweat it. The first time @Random and I did this, I goofed and lost recordings of I think 2 different episodes. It happens.

The important thing is that it was a great show and you did a fine job hosting. I didn’t catch the @DustyAladdin show, but I know he’s got great insight, and @Noir did a fantastic job too from the one I did hear. Let’s get some more of him singing! :musical_note:

It’ll get smoother the more you do it, like everything else. I’m sure plenty of us are still interested if you want to do more. :+1:

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