Is it possible to kill one of my drafts off and draft them back in?

Is it possible to kill one of my drafts off and draft him back in?

Yes, but only if you have an additional draft spot to use.

Killing off a draftee won’t “free up” their original draft spot.

so u can only draft players once?

if somone go inactive and u kill them off u cant draft another guy?

It all depends on available draft spots.

If you have an open spot, then you can draft in the same person again, and they will have taken up 2 available drafts.

So it is possible, but not likely in most situations.

Interesting. @I_like_pie why the policy change? Pretty sure I got a chat with you saved somewhere stating that killing a draft opens the draft spot again.

This becomes relevant for a kill-rejoin.

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There wasn’t an intentional policy change, it’s possibly a byproduct of the refactored empire join logic. If that previous chat happened before mid-January, that would explain the discrepancy.

We can of course change it to work however we want, though the desire for kill-rejoins feels like a sign that something else is wrong.

I think of it like this.

A football star makes 40million a year

The team has a cap (player # and money )

If said football star leaves, the 40million can be used to replace the player for the future better of the team.

That’s a very bad analogy…I get what your saying though. Just not a good example.

While not intentional according to @I_like_pie, I can’t argue for changing it back. Draft spots are a privilege in my opinion and it is up to the family to utilize them properly. A bad decision should not be rewarded with a do-over. (Yes I know that something unexpected can happen in the real world that causes a player to go inactive, but I still don’t see that as justification to change it.)

I just heard a situation from a player that is a good argument to change the behavior back: they’re trying to draft into a family that has since lost all their draftees. It’s less a “bad decision” and more that the family as a whole kind of fell apart.

In this scenario, reclaimed draft spot would give the remaining family members more ability to rebound from their losses. This seems reasonable.

I’m leaning on bringing this back, but am open to hearing arguments against it.

The way it seems to be working now - the lost drafted players('s) slots are being filled by random players.
Would seem an unfair edge in favor of fully drafted teams.

It isn’t a fully draft team.

I think if a draft deletes or is killed, that spot should be open for another draft to join.

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Good catch @TheBigOne. Corrected ^.

Yes, that may be the case more often than not, but it is not 100% accurate. I’ve been a random player in a number of my ‘peek-in’ rounds. Every random family I’ve played with across all those years has learned about teamwork and become better players during the round. I’m certain the same can be said about any of the other old vets who pop in for a nostalgic round or two.

^ This part seems to make sense to me.

I am only speaking to that more or less.