Infinitum: Your legacy awaits

Ah but now you are perceiving IA to be comparable to murder.

I see it as smoking weed. Sure, it was frowned on and you would go to jail for it. But now you can smoke up!

Perception and perspective my friend!


Infinitum was never meant to be a solo gal…Once the new alliance feature is finished it is supposed to be coming to infinitum.

So its not even IA.

all you lot left in this game belong together.

one things for sure this game will never get more than a handful of players back as things are and even then only last a few rounds - the lunatics have taken over -

im off this sinking ship

If the admin has any sense there needs to be some serious changes made or the next time i check up on how IC is the site will be 404

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yea this round has sucked but at the same time it was the first of its kind. everyone had a different view of what it should be. again people got ontop MOO and rest didn’t like it. whatever atleast you can delete. I just wish the whole planets blew up and couldn’t expo after in this kind of gall.

they should have just made it 2 fams with 50 players on each, no aid, no market then we would see who’s for real

@thisyearsmostopen we can set up such a galaxy if you can find somebody to sponsor it. We have plenty of Patreon supports who can create a no-aid and no-market galaxy now with our New Galaxy Settings.

As for this bit:

People said the same thing in 2016 when I took over. We’ve more than doubled our active player count since then and lasted far more than “a few rounds”.

Your criticism is valid, but there’s no need for baseless speculation.

This thread is getting out of hand.

It’s important that we keep track of our history, and disagreeing on details is perfectly fine.

However, there is no need for personal insults.

Keep it chill please. If you can’t post without insulting somebody, take a breather and come back when you can.

That goes for players on any side of any argument.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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I agree Pie. Everyone needs to just take a chillaxative!

I had a nice long weekend came back in pmode I was gonna go on a tear I tell you tho!

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infinitum is almost dead and an new joiner doesnt have any chance. this gal needed a some kind of massive event that would shake up the things some time ago. but still theres none.

Just close it down, it has a big impact on server load, and there is not much to play for anymore.

I haven’t observed any significant impact on server load due to Infinitum specifically.

Those who no longer wish to play can simply leave their empires idle, as is part of the galaxy’s design.

Neither of those things warrant shutting anything down.

@toXinLTT a shake us is planned, but as usual, dev time is limited. Not much we can do about that at the moment.

Only shake up is a restart :slight_smile:

reset the gal and remove the market

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Ur back on the sinking ship ? :crazy_face::rofl:

i never left. they never killed me off, i dont give up


Any tips for newbie? Got one planet but feels like little to no chance to expand? Maybe just need to build build build and hopefully get out of system by force and sheer dumb luck :wink:

Pretty much at the moment it is build your 1 planet and wait… Hopefully Pie (the developer) makes some changes soon so that it becomes an interesting gal…

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That is my current strategy. Slowly build up some fleet. Fund my research and hope for a breakthrough somewhere sometime :thinking::wink::+1: