Infinitum - Ascension (player reset and alternative advancement mechanic)


Infinitum would benefit from having goals and a player reset mechanic to keep it balanced.

To achieve this we could introduce an ascension mechanic.

Basic mechanic:
A player ascends, they lose a % (thinking 50-75%) of there existing planets or systems.
They gain an ascension score/tag/rank (this would provide another objective for the galaxy outside current ranks) and players could possibly gain some small stacking bonus like 1% to a stat to make it less punishing.

Ideas on how this could be triggered:
This could be an event that happens on an approximately regular time period say monthly.
Or could instead be triggered based on the number of available planets left in the galaxy with an increasing % chance as the number reduces.
As an event it would affect the top X% of players.

Instead(or as well) of making this a forced event you make it something you buy, ie save X bil gc + other resources, then you buy an ascension.
Or make it a control based system where there are X number of systems around the map that you need to control for X period of time to ascend. (not sure how this works with current alliances)

There are really multiple ideas here some only partially formed.
Feel free discuss better methods, specifics and and potential problems.

Things to think about:
How would this work with alliances.
What % of planets is reasonable to lose and can be recovered from.
Is a stacking bonus a good idea, what does that look like in couple of years time.
Should higher ranked players get more points when they ascend?
what % of players should the event affect.
Should the Top X% be be based on planet could or networth or a combination?
Should the amount lost be on a sliding scale?
Say it affected the top 20 players and each person loses half there planets, currently that would drop rank 1 to rank about rank 30 and rank 20 to about rank 69

If you like this idea and want to see it happen, please vote for it via the “Vote” button in the top left of this page.


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