Increase Logout Timeout

Not nearly as active as I used to be. First round in a long while!

What I do notice, is that I feel I don’t need to be for great lengths of period of time. However, every time I switch back to my IC window (phone or on PC), I’m logged out and have to re-log in.

There was a need for this a while back. But now, without Anon play, and a smaller community, I think it could be worth increasing the time out. To 2 hrs, at least, maybe even more.

My hotmail e-mail for instance, is perpetually logged in, and so convenient.

Just a small quality-of-life suggested improvement.

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Title speaks for it self. I would be more inclined to log in and play actively if there was an option to stay logged in. Ideally indefinitely, but even increasing the time out to 12 or 24 hrs would be a huge improvement.


Brilliant idea! …wish I had thought of it myself



A buddy’s Dad used to say, “Great minds think alike. Whats your excuse?”.