Improving SS (self sufficient)

From the recent discussions around exploration ships has brought up the SS play-style.

I think its worth discussing if we think this is actually a problem and what we can do about it.

My first thoughts are that SS and solo play(in a family) should be separated.
I see SS primarily being around building a mixed economy and do be able to perform multiple roles.
Where as SOLO play in a family typically implies SS but also means your attempting to do your own thing.

This discussion s just about the SS side not about playing solo or not.

Reasons to promote a SS play-style:

  • Gives player more control over their outcome as less dependent on team mates
  • Less time intensive as you don’t have to be on to aid/ask for aid
  • Give players more option (variety) in a round, if they want to do econ and attack/op they can
  • Easier for new players to get into

Potential impacts:

  • change family strats
  • Might end up with more players playing a lone wolf style
  • less communication between families
  • less reason to play as a team and include new players etc
  • other - depending on the method/s chosen

How would we do it?: (just dumping all the things i can think of that would do it)

  • Remove income bonus from the game
  • Remove attack bonus from the game
  • Remove Tax Offices
  • Create a building synergy bonus, 1 mines gives 1 cfs X% more income as a simple example of this.
  • Increase available race points
  • Merge science bonus’s
  • remove ability to aid
  • stop infra jumps (planet swapping nw apply instantly)

This one is really intriguing to me. We also discussed recently (can’t remember where) the idea of removing OB entirely. As in, once your planet is full, that’s it. It’d be another way to stop infra jumps entirely and also reduce the effect of role specialization on econ planning in general.

Would stopping infra jumps be too dramatic though? I wonder if econ-focused players would see this as removing too much of the game, regardless of how we actually do it.

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Bit late to the party here. I like this. Simply increase the building size limit on planets by a factor of 10, and reduce the max of the smaller planets a bit. Something like 1000 to 3000 building spots per planet.

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I was talking with parrot and torqez they wanted a gal with all ss fams. They wanted the fam setup for all the family interactions. No market and no aid. The no aid was weird ,but to keep the pure ss this would prob be needed. Interesting idea. They were thinking fams of 4 could be a lot of fun. Limited fleet sizes and the chaos that would happen. Lot more strategy in planning wars. And teamwork. I was gonna message pie for a custom gal ,but maybe we can do this a special one time event and see how it goes.