Impl. Phantom play/Mafia play into the IC galaxy

Even if we make anon, we should also consider testing out phantom play/mafia play in IC:

Either as player vs player, fam vs fams.
ALL starts as allies

1-2 fam are phantoms with 10x speed and res production, increased speed.
(has a random win/loss goal)

2-4 fams are vampires with 2x speed and res prod
(has a random win/loss goal)

7-x fams are working together to destroy the rest with normal prod.
(has a random win/loss goal)

Win can be:
First to X planets, first to x NW, first to x POP.
Hold a core system for X ticks.
Fam/player gets a target to kill(player), can be 1 in your fam rogue style(after x ticks…
Loss can be:
Defend a core system, you loose it you lose.
You lose a player HC style you lose.

phantom with no morale
fam with extra eships to explore
fam with extra cash prod
fam with extra food prod
player with a special opp
player/fam with increased speed
increased/decreased build time
a race can do 1 opp no matter amount of force but 1 every X ticks.

Reveal time:
First reveal would be that you can use intel opps. <- not based on how many wiz agents you have but you can only do 1 pr 24 hrs.
Second reveal would be that you can see NW/POP/#planets.
Third reveal is everyone is revealed.

As allied you cant see others NW/Pop/planets(unless you search for it), you have to break to see it

Just shoot me if there is allready sugested similar shit.
Hope it can spark some discussion and better ideas than I have, and especially get some new gameplay like mafia and the hidden mystery that we all like.
Also good luck coding.

PS: I thought the best and only idea I wish implemented was the defend core/take over core idea(hold for x amount of ticks).