Imperial Conflict's 19th birthday

IC is turning 19 next month. I need to confirm the exact day, but I’d like to do something for the community to celebrate. Some initial ideas:

  1. A custom galaxy with low-cost/low-eta units, open to everybody and announced via email.
  2. A live voice-chat party, complete with some free merch giveaways for participants.
  3. Second merch giveaway for people who can’t make the voice-chat party.
  4. Party hats on forum avatars.

Do you guys have any other ideas we could do to celebrate?


#1 would work great, moreso because you are doing the emails this month and have another to send out :slight_smile:

You could also do a birthday background :joy:

I want custom galaxy!!! w00t!

I’ll ask @Monitor if he want 1v1. I’m gonna beat him easily. lol

Just invite everyone into the Test v2 galaxy. I promise to play nice with the newcomers. :innocent: