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Hi everybody,

I’ve added Imperial Conflict to a new review platform called This will help us get interest from people who don’t already know about games like IC. Discovery = more players = more competition!

Those who provide a 1-5 rating + review will be awarded the new “Street Team” badge and optional title. :+1:

Let’s get the word out!


Do it, guys! Rate and talk is cool too so y’all should go join that as well.

Rate someting and then discuss it with other people.

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Quick comment - I just signed up. When signing up, the new user password should be entered twice.

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Awesome, thanks guys!

Don’t forget to add the 1-5 star :star: rating too, you can edit your post if you forgot. The UI needs some adjusting to make that part more obvious.


When you make your post - go back in and edit it, and you can add your rating.



Fixed it, yeah it wasn’t apparent while writing it originally.

Keep up the good work.


Thanks, your guys’ reviews there are gonna help bring people in for sure. :+1: Gonna put a bit of money behind this soon to get some more eyeballs on the platform. :eyes:

Enjoy your Street Team Badge. :slight_smile:




Hell yeah. :+1: You guys are killin’ it.

Feel free to add other stuff too. I just added a review for hot cheetos lol, gonna do some reviews of some Guns N Roses music later tonight. This non-IC stuff is gonna be a big part of what hooks us some new victims, I mean players. :smiling_imp:


How does that site work pie? The forum looked a little confusing and all over the place.

Is it a game review platform?
Like i saw the cheetos and other random topics.
I remember mpogd was just a straight online rpg game review site, u went in and voted.

I hope this platform works and alot of gamers come to this site.


The easiest description is yelp + wikipedia. The tagline is “Review anything. Review everything.”

It is messy now yeah, but I’m focused on building some initial seed data before I build a front end on top of it to make it easier to browse based on interest.

As an example of the end-goal, see what currently does for games like IC:


All this review data (IC, hot cheetos, etc) will eventually be discoverable and focused by topic in a similar way, but also all interlinking like a wiki.

This is already happening in a review I did for a Discord auto-mod bot I’m testing:

You can see there that I link to the same Imperial Conflict review that you all are helping with now. So when somebody out there looks for a review for that Discord bot ( they’re also going to discover the IC review.

One of their devs already found that review, and that bot serves 7,000+ Discord servers. You can see the network effect potential there, and this is just 1 example. :open_mouth:

There’s a bigger picture here that I won’t go into because I’ll probably bore everybody lol, but this is a hustle for me right now to start connecting the different communities and projects I’ve been involved in over the years.

We’ll double-dip by getting reviews for IC, but there is monetization potential here that will help me fund IC as well.

As for bringing in more gamers specifically, I also built and own and am going to be building this in as a service to the 184 games (and growing) in that directory. That’s 183 other games like IC with their own communities that will all also have a path to discover and use


Makes sense! Thanks for the detail @I_like_pie


No problem dude!

I’m tellin ya man, I live and breathe IC just like a lot of players still do. All my side projects always come back to IC.

Foohon Pie LLC exists for IC. :smiley:


Reviewed! Hope this brings some cats in!


w00t w00t!

I reviewed but it might scare people off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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second best is so far behind it’s hard to count them as 2nd.

That’s how most people learn is by watching me kick their ass.

Got me lol over here haha. Nice.

We’re getting a good mix in there. :+1: Good stuff everybody.


Bump. Comeon guys only way to keep this alive is to promote and keep ur crap hidden untill they join


Added my two cents about IC over there.