Imperial Conflict: First Impressions

This is an invaluable lesson: we can debate IC’s nuance and complexities all we want, but new players aren’t going to care if they feel lost.

A lot of the bigger features we debate about make no difference to a player who leaves after 10 minutes and doesn’t come back.

To all of us old-timers: watch his whole video and see how you feel about it. For me, it was incredibly frustrating but also really revealing on all the stuff we take for granted as just being understood.

Of all the things we need, a proper in-game tutorial should be very high on the list.

Thank you, @VaelVictus.

Perhaps place a link to on the side bar for a start? I use it more then the guide and I don’t think there is a link to it anywhere in game. Most of it is still current info except the IRC stuff.

Hmm it appears is not linked either. The “Start the guide” button in the “Guide” link does nothing for me.

A proper tutorial would be great, but linking those 2 things in game would be a good start for noobs and some so called “vets” as well :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh man, we just take for granted people know the game since we been playing for 15-20 years but wow eye opening.


I totally remember how hard it was to get into the game way back when. Nothing makes sense until at least a round or two in. I remember picking Quantam at random as my first race and building a few of every building type (including lasers) on my home planet, because hey, why would buildings that weren’t important even be options?

But honestly, making the game new player friendly is a huge endeavor. I really don’t think there are a few little things that can band aid it over to make the game approachable. There’s a choice to make between spending dev time on attracting new players vs appealing to old players.

I used to be all in on the side of making things better for new players but now I’m not so sure it’s worth prioritizing. It would take large game design overhauls along with full tutorials and significant UI updates to make the game truly new player friendly, and I have to say I’d rather Pie spend his time on other things.

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Really interesting. I don’t remember how i learnt how to play IC, i cant even remember my first round. I think a lot more ingame prompts would be required now. And i’m very scared that a new player would have to build buildings and then log off for a minimum of 5 hours, would they really come back?

I joined IC when there was no youtube, no mobile phones so the choices were so limited. Habbo hotel or IC. lol

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Great point about the, log in, press a few buttons, wait 5 hours. It is a long time when you are new and looking forward to engaging something new.

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Yeah, I think back in the day and times of bigger fams players had a lot of initial interaction, meet and greets and had people to ask when they needed help. Now there’s just grumpy vets who expect players to just know. I remember a new guy came to my family a year back and it took me 25 minutes to explain how to mass build. It’s interesting, because it’s so simple, but not for a newby.

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Getting people in the game, connecting them to active people and teaching them the game keeps new players we dont have that anymore, we have virgo which still does not work. And yes having a link to the guide on the home page again would be a good idea…