Idea of the century! Stop of the science jumps

Noir just came up with the idea of how to stop science builds… and its amazing!

make it so u cant build more buildings than the amount of population on the planets…
As pop gets killed in planet swapping u cant science build them.

you can still pass planets that are built and you can only double up like normal when building yourself, but when pop is gone u cant build more than pop.


Or make it so that CFs only produce income when there are enough people on the planet to staff them. Requiring 10 pop per CF makes it so doing a science jump means you lose a few days of income, getting more and more severe the higher OB you go. This would be a smaller tweak to discourage con building rather than eliminating it as suggested in the first comment.



It’s an interesting problem to consider solving.
I like where you head is on this.

Let’s consider.

  1. Per planet population cap:
    Storms and Hypnos could be used maliciously to prevent families from building. Not just for GC bankers, but all infra. A guy with a grudge and an Evo would easily be able to keep your smaller players, cf bankers, and main resourcer held back ad nauseam.

  2. Eliminate the “EOB” entirely:
    “EOB” = “Our empire’s large size increases construction costs by x.xx%”.
    The massive advantage of the fam active enough to do con jumps will be removed.

And yep, we would all be making more, alot more.
Might keep the econ guys a bit more into the round as well.

Fams on the defensive (or turtling up) will have a chance to make comebacks by infraing balls out while fams in a more agro state are spending on fights.



If that is to much econ (no EOB), then we could cap the amount of space available to a max of “X” percent OB. Which, could be used another way to cut down on general galaxy over production if such a thing is even necessary. That would be more of a question for @I_like_pie.

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Only thing i can consider being a problem is bor.
Would cf depending on pop slow bor so badly that we must increase start income? And if so how far?

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How about updating NW instantly instead of on the tick?


This would be the best, but this would require a complete remake of the game, so now.

Make it so u cant build more than pop, or cant build more than max size of planet in one go.

Easy as that, try it, see what happens, let players adapt and have a challenge



@I_like_pie That is damn good.

Nobody @me? this idea sucks :joy:

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Explain! =)


I already liked the idea where the max amount of army you can gather is connected to your populace as well.
But I think this could work too. It would open up more room for SS players as well.


If it’s the best option, I think that deserves a bit more investigation than just saying “it requires a complete remake of the game, so no.”

It makes no sense you keep all NW based science bonus for a tick after it should plummeted.

With or without all the other things, like pop based building limits.


yes lets wait what Pie has to say about the amount of work for these changes.

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I don’t actually think the idea sucks lol. It seems like something that would be used to equalize the game more. I just wonder how much work it would be to actually get this done… Also, I’ve always been of the opinion that the more active/experienced fams will still have the advantage… Science or no science. It just seems like it will make a slow game even slower too lol.

So is the idea to just stop the big con builds? or stop science all together? I feel like lots of different things are being tossed out as ideas lol. If it is just to minimize the big con jumps I’m fine with that. If it is all science gone I think it would be way too slow. But looks like you guys are just talking about switching the max build compacity more so than changing anything to how Sciene works?

My goal here was rly to prevent the big planet-swap con science builds.

The reason for it:

  1. Massively favour active fams with enough players
  2. Deters action and early fighting
  3. Is very repetative round in round out

Another option would be to make gained or passed infra not take affect for say 12-24 ticks.

That way if someone did con jumps it would come at a major loss and make it not worth while even doing them. Players could still do small planet count con jumps but would still be at a loss if they still wanted to do them but not want to lose a full days income.

Negative affects would be during war, gains from planets taken dont kick in right away but maybe the declare war option changes this or it only affects in family planets.

That could work, another idea would be to make planets not buildable the tick they are explored/captured in. To compensate a tick of building time could be removed from the exploration ship.

This is also a good idea Ordos, best alternative to the “instant” NW change i think, that actually would not be so hard to implement for @I_like_pie

What about moral per planet? A planet being switched either between empire of the same family or during war is less likely to obey to its new master at 100% directly. This could be affecting building and income at the same time and recover slowly. This enables to fine tune to ratio at which it recovers outside of the pop ratio.
Maybe this could also leed to a strategic faster assimilation traits for aggressive empire or builders that would need to drop something else…

@I_like_pie is this something you address for coming MW round? Or is it on your backlog to address?