Idea - Exploration tweak

Discussion around late joining players got me thinking yesterday.

Goal is to give late joiners more opportunities to gain planets and catch up.

Idea: split the round into two phases.

  1. The Age of Exploration

“The galaxy is currently in the Age of Exploration. We can explore any uninhabited planet to claim it for our empire.”

Once the last planet in the galaxy is explored, the galaxy automatically advances to phase two and notifies empires via Galactic Event.

  1. The Age of Conquest

“Galactic Law prohibits us from exploring in a system where we already own a planet. We must conquer that planet by force.” (infinitum rule)

How would this help if all the planets are explored before phase change? The only unexplored planets for phase 2 would be blow-ups. The idea would work if we threw in a Cataclysm GE between phases. Make 10%-20% of all planets uninhabited again.

You could increase system sizes in the Age of Conquest by a couple planets per system and allow only players that joined after to explore those planets. Maybe even add a new planet per system every 2 weeks and only players that joined during or after those 2 week increments could expo.

Another idea is that the galaxy increases it’s size by 25% or something and during that time families can expo by a % of their NW/size. You take the top fam and the bottom fam and come up with a ratio. The bottom fam can send out as many expos as they want a day or maybe 20 a day as a fam while the top family can only send out 5 or less. This gives the bottom a chance to catch up though probably get farmed unless some type of restriction is put on those planet from being taken.