Idea -1 minute ticks copy cat

To incentivize signing up for patron to help the server here is my idea.

It is possible to copy a Galaxy that is currently running, at the end of milky way move it to a one minute tick server an allow patrons to play in there families for let’s say 3 days an postpone signups while this is happening for the next round of milky way, put signups in a queue. Not sure if that game setting could be changed to hardcore but wouldn’t matter to much with 1 minute tick. I know I had fun last round hehe


Has something like this happened before? o.O =o

Yes it was just me though

If your looking for ways to monetize without p2w.

Remove Family Invite
Increase family size and reduce amount
Allow selecting of family at round start (reason for this is you can still group up for free but will be more likely to have randoms) alternatively keep random
Implement private family’s (paid families that are invite only)
if you want to add a bit of “p2w” allow for choosing family home start location