IC Radio


IC Radio is weekly 1-hour live broadcast hosted by I_like_pie to discuss anything and everything related to Imperial Conflict, its development, and its community.


2004 / 2005

2004 / 2005

The idea of a radio station for Imperial Conflict started sometime in 2004. It was originally planned to run on Lateralis’s server, but that didn’t happen due to an extended absence of about a year.

In September 2005, Destroyyoutoo saw an article about internet radio while waiting in a doctor’s office, and interest in the project was renewed. Now called “Radio IC”, it was launched by Destroyyoutoo with the help of Killer Hobbits and Smartys and ran on Nibbler’s IC-Gallery server.

Its first official day was October 25, 2005. The Radio IC team was able to hold 32 listeners on its first day.



In July 2017, Random and I_like_pie ran an unannounced pilot episode of IC Radio, changing the format away from music and toward live talk-radio. The pilot was deemed a success, and the first official episode was announced to take place on Aug 05, 2017.

Darrk eventually joined as a color commentator for Milky Way, and the team of 3 ran the show for several weeks.

Post-show hangouts were held for Patreon subscribers where the recording was stopped, and the floor was opened up to everybody to chat about anything, IC or otherwise. I_like_pie and Random were often a few drinks in from the show and drinking further with other players while chatting about random topics. These post-show sessions often lasted longer than the show itself.

Darrk ended up leaving Imperial Conflict over unrelated internal matters in Milky Way 57, and left the show as well. Random and I_like_pie resumed before Random also had to leave due to unexpected circumstances outside of the game.

I_like_pie attempted a couple of episodes solo, but determined that he could not successfully run the show without co-hosts, and IC-Radio was shut down until almost exactly a year later, when MTG_Dad showed interest in reviving the concept.

Although recordings exist for most of these episodes, they were never edited or released.

2018 / early-2019

2018 / early-2019

On August 13, 2018, a revival pilot was announced with MTG_Dad joining I_like_pie to revisit the concept of a talk-radio program, with MTG_Dad also leading discussions on in-game action and running a live PvC. Soon after, a slight delay was announced to accommodate a 3rd co-host.

On August 26, 2018, Random rejoined to resume his prior role, and the new team held another successful pilot episode, with members from the pbbg.com and Feral Clowder communities helping to transcribe the episode live for Imperial Conflict’s deaf and hearing impaired players.

Guest spots were announced in this run, and Hala would later join a session for a guest segment. Audiodef joined on to do sound engineering work to balance levels and prepare the files for podcast form.

Random and I_like_pie’s departure

Random dropped off again due to unexpected scheduling issues, and I_like_pie also stepped down to focus more time on developing. MTG_Dad resumed the show, eventually recruiting DustyAladdin to join him.

These episodes were released on Soundcloud before I_like_pie had to close Imperial Conflct’s paid soundcloud account due to general challenges in funding Imperial Conflict.

The catalogue of episodes fell into disorder, with some being posted in the forum and others unaccounted for. Eventually, they began being uploaded to Imperial Conflict’s Patreon account and transcribed with the help of volunteer players.

The unresolved catalog backlog became a source of contention and ultimately the catalyst that led to MTG_Dad’s departure.

MTG_Dad’s departure

On April 10th, 2019, MTG_Dad finished editing what was supposed to be IC-Radio #14, and requested that I_like_pie upload it that night. I_like_pie expressed that it was unlikely to happen, and that he was concerned about the backlog,

As a result, MTG_Dad stated his intention to upload it to his personal soundcloud account, with I_like_pie rejecting and stating that the show should not be uploaded to unofficial channels.

This ultimately resulted in an ownership dispute, with MTG_Dad claiming that it was his show anyway, and I_like_pie affirming that IC-Radio is part of Imperial Conflict and thus, like IC, falls under ownership of Foohon Pie LLC.

MTG_Dad confirmed his intention to post the latest recordings regardless of approval and whether or not it results in the loss of official support. He uploaded the recordings to his personal soundcloud account the next day, and I_like_pie announced that the show that MTG_Dad is hosting is no longer IC-Radio, leaving IC-Radio without a host.

MTG_Dad continued to host a show, now called MTG_Dad’s Podcast. I_like_pie expressed his support and a hope for eventual future collaboration between official and unofficial shows.

early-2019 onward

early-2019 onward

On April 13, 2019, I_like_pie announced that IC-Radio was resuming with episode #14, a retrospective on player-contributions and an endorsement of MTG_Dad’s show.

Other players have discussed plans to grow the show into a loose network of sibling shows comprising of both official and unofficial endeavors.


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