IC mug X(


I am the first owner of the most awesome IC mug ever!!!




@Picklearmy do you have a picture of a pickle on your wall? lol


That is a nice time of day to still have that fresh out of bed look!

Lol AW I noticed that one too lol. I got a sun as well inside & on my balcony.

Where your wings at? =D


Best picture on the wall ever!


The benefits of working from home :smiley:


You should do what I am doing, I got the same except the working thingy! :slight_smile:


But you have a chronic mastur****** disorder @Sol_Invictus, that’s different :wink:


Ssst @WhiteL! Now everybody will know what I do with my other hand whilst triggering on some poor nubs :smiley:


Going to be 9rdering my mug in the next week or so have lots of others things going on. ATM. But can’t wait to bring my mugs all over


the mug of mugs


It goes great with your shirt!