IC Mafia 65- NYC remastered

Chris Smith decided to run to the store and since he was only going to be gone a moment he left his backpack at home. The backpack contained needle thread, bandages, iv bag , and other essential medical supplies. “You can never be to safe” Chris would say.
did his shopping some cookies and some milk to keep the body strong. Chocolate chip cookies the crunchy kind definitely not the soft kind. As he left the store he heard someone scream " is there a doctor I need a doctor" although he usually had his supplies on him he never actually got to use them on anyone outside the work place.

Chris was so excited and he figured even without his supplies he could be some help so he ran towards the voice thinking " I am gonna help someone I am gonna help someone" Chris was such a nice guy. He got close to the man and noticed a decent size cut on his arm. Chris tore off his shirt and wrapped it around the wound tieing it in a knot, nice and tight.

Chris felt like he did something really great the man thanked him.

Chris paused

“Wait how did he know I was a surgeon and knew where I worked” he then said “sir do I know you”

Mr.bazini said “no ,but you will never forget meeting me”

Chris asked “why is that”

No more words were said

Next thing was Chris was stabbed and bleed out due to not having the proper supplies with him

MISSY (Chris Smith town doc) calm down Missy you were killed by the GF

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It is now daytime you have till 2030 gmt

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Final votes Day time
Swagga (3)- Goddess, Ephralia, Kelly Alba
Ephralia (3)- oldie, swagga, genesis

The final 5 players Met outside of the Madison Square Garden

Some tourist wanted his picture taken and some of the nice people had no problem helping out. The Mayor(future mayor) Kelly Alba had the final say and said " Swagga must be one of the mobsters and he must be put down now" She kept her eyes on Oldie who she thought could be his partner.

Swagga shouted we will not go down without a fight. Swagga took out his pistol and fired a shot at Kelly Alba ,but Ephralia dived in front of the bullet. Her life was spared for now ,but standing behind her was Vito Barzini with a knife about to stab her Oldie tackles Vito to the ground. They struggle for some time rolling acoss the ground. the knife drops, they trade blows. Oldie picks up the knife and stabs Vito blood squirting everywhere. He stabs him even after his heart stops.

Kelly Alba had enough time and in all the confusion Swagga been watching the fight with his Godfather. Jessica jones felt very attached to him for all he did for her. Got her off the streets, brought her in gave her a place to lie her head. She started to cry and then fits of rage as she pointed and fired at Oldie. Kelly Alba Now took out her pistol and 2 to the chest 1 to the head later Swagga was no more.

Swagga (Jessica Jones Mob RB) Lynched final day
Genesis (Vito Barzini GF) Went down fighting
Goddess (Kelly Alba) Lived won town
Oldie (plain townie) gun shot ,but lived
Ephralia (plain townie) Died a hero also won

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