IC Mafia 65- NYC remastered

It was a long day ,but the city people was fed up and they were ready to put all their anger on someone. The way NYC is a melting pot and people from all over the place make a living there. That is the same way this group formed they were chosen to stop crime ,but obviously by some misinformed commitee. It is also possible some of the committee members were paid off by the mob.hence why they placed mobsters on the list. Kelly ALba thought tish was one of them and she was right.

Michael Rocco could no longer do crazy patch work on the citizens of New york. At the deadline Tish ran and then jumped into the Hudson river where she never was able to swim across.
Tish the Mob doc is dead.

Tishxo(Mob doctor) died by lynched

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you have till 0900am est or 1300 gmt to send in night actions

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Torqez would spend his days at the park playing chess. He was a good player ,but he was also very fast with his hands and would hustle all day every day for money.(edited)

Earlier in the day Jerry wanted to play a game of chess ,but he stood back and watched for a bit. He saw Torqez win 2 games in a row ,but as he watched closer he noticed that his movements were not 100% legal per game rules. “Who is gonna hold this man accountable” Jerry thought to himself as his anger rose from within he knew what he had to do. Once it was dark in the city Jerry told the man to follow him and he would play him for 100 dollars once they got where they were going. Torqez jumped at that as he usually only plays for 10 or 20 dollars a pop. They reached an ally and Jerry told Torqez to go ahead of him. Jerry saw a pipe laying on the ground and belted Torqez in the back of the head knocking him out cold, Jerry dragged him to the end of the ally and pulled him behind a dumpster. He then started working on cutting off his left foot as Torqez regains consciousness he screams in pain, and Jerry quickly shuts him up for good. Walking away with the souvenir in hand.

Torqez (plain townie)- killed by SK

MrBlonde mad at his wife again for serving him Texas style bbq instead of Carolina style. He was furious and needed to just get away for a bit “saying to himself what am i doing with this woman.” He is walking down the street and see’s Jessica standing outsdie an establishment. He asks her for a light and try’s to open up a conversation. Jessica knows how to work it and then asks mrblonde “what is a matter why you look so down”
Mr.Blonde replys " you see my wife served me Texas style bbq and not Carolina style" she replys “Oh i see ,but i don’t think this is about bbq at all when is the last time you 2 fucked?” Blonde goes " we don’t have sex anymore she is to fat I just can’t only the finest and most excellent of everything for me." Jessica leads him inside where they go to the back room and tells him to just relax. She takes it slow and when he is about to overflow with pleasure he drops faint. she slaps him and no response

Jessica screams for help and the two men dispose of the body. Mrblonde has an heart attack.

**MrBlonde^^ (the plain townie) killed by mob.


It is now daytime. you have till 0200 GMT to vote

Ordos still being hung over from the gay bar the night before. Also many suspected him because his 2 lovers zoz and mrblonde was dead. He has been pretty quiet for the most part some thought. They were on the rooftop having the meeting today. All was fine Melvin and ordos was tied in votes. Ordos was a bit to close to the edge he said hey guys look at me “I can fly” Ordos couldn’t fly.

ORDOS (the plain townie) dead.

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You have till 1330 GMT to send in actions it is now night

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It was a normal day for thirdrock he was scrolling the internet and after he finished with the clown porn he decided to check out Craig’s list. He saw something that interested him. For 20 dollars he called meet this man FLint that had a billion dollar idea.

Wow this is to good to pass up he thought to himself. That night he headed down to the theater district and walked into what seemed to be an abandoned building. After coming inside he was told to take a seat. Shortly after he was laying on a table saw. He pleaded for the man to stop ,but tr foot was sliced right off, and that is where he died.

Sk killed tr(plain townie)
The mob went to the home of the crazy old war veteran luckily they sent the survivor because he knew what traps looked like. The house was like the scene from home alone. Everywhere was one thing or another to stop you in your tracks. The funny thing is once inside they found the old man asleep on his big recliner.
1 silencer bullet to the head is all it took.
Mob killed kratom(Richard Dimmons III-the vet)

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Day phase ends at 2130gmt.

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The group gathered on Ellis Island


“What is that” shouted a few people near by.

It’s a gun he has a gun Melvin started to reach for something from behind his hip. Freeze right there shouted the nearby police Vigil took off running and started to turn around, but as he did he recieved multiple shots to the chest and down he went. The people were relieved, but he started getting up what kind of monster was this. He took one shot and just missed hitting some tourists visiting the old historial landmark. The cops finished the job by shooting him in the head. Turns out he had a bulletproof vest on this whole time.

Melvin (mob Survivor)- Lynched day 3

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It is now night phase you have till 1300 GMT to send in your night time actions.

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Vinny Brando was cocky to say the least. He mine as well have wore a shirt saying he was mob. He felt untouchable, full of life, and invincible that was gonna be put to the test tonight. Jerry was a bit bored so he went down to the local bar that Vinny hangs out in. And picked a fight with him by pushing him and then running down the nearby alley. Vinny took the bait and ran after him. It was a dark ally and he tripped over a sleeping homeless person. Jerry let him get up and they went a few rounds, trading blows. When Jerry got the upper hand Vinny pulled out a knife ,but Jerry kicked it out of his hand and then Roundhouse kicked him in the jaw knocking him out cold. H finished the job with his own knife and cut off his foot with his hatchet.

Nai (vinny Brando) mob, killed by sk

Officer Young was doing his best to solve the mysteries of the city. He would work off the clock just to try to get some kind of leads. Vito Barzini was on his very own stake out watching the very cop he was about to take care of tonight. It was 3 in the morning and the streets were empty. Vito tapped on his back window of his car. The officer grabbed his gun and opened his door ,but he didn’t see anyone. He then started to walk towards the back of the car. Before he seen Vito he already fired 2 shots taking the officer down.

RandO (Arnold Young) cop, killed by GF

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Day phase ends at 2300 gmt

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Jerry was killing way more often than he was before, it was like he started to enjoy it more than ever before. He had quite a collection of feet some small and some big and ugly. He seemed like a normal guy to those he interacted with well at least till you did something to piss him off.

The group met at coney island

The last stop from the subway and unknowingly this would be the last stop for Jerry. The doc knocked him out and one of the stronger men took him out on a jet ski where they dumped him in the middle of long island sound.

Zarf was sk, lynched
JERRY constanza

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Mr. Glass been reading the stories in the newspapers and seeing the news reports about how a serial killer was on the loose.

It really became an obsession of his to follow everything that this man did, and you could even say it consumed him. He decided to start off easy

He was looking for the perfect easy target a homeless man and when he found one he promised him some food. All TBO had to do was follow him a short ways to under an underpass. There was no food Tortoise how he went by some times just took out a knife and stabbed him over and over unknowingly while being watched himself. He went to try to cut the foot ,but the knife wasn’t really doing the job very well.

MR. Barzini got behind him with a baseball bat swinging at his head and Mr Glass falls lifeless over the body he just killed himself.

TBO (plain townie) killed by back up sk
Tortoise( back up sk) killed by GF

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Day time ends at 2200 gmt

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The phone rang and Frank Fudd answered. What go to dock 12 now? I am on my way. When he gets there he sees no one else around. he looks around for a bit and see’s a stack of boxes and being nosy opens one of the boxes on top. it was already to late and Frank is no more the blast threw his body parts everywhere.

Frank fudd- Daylight is blown up.

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Tony Barzini Was taken away on a boat by Xenon to be processed on the main land. Fishers Island wasn’t that far from the city only 45 minutes to an hour away. Tony was locked in a room below deck He reached inside his anal cavity and pulled out a trigger. He then pushed the button blowing the bomb also placed inside his anus. Blowing up the ship killing Xenon the ship captain and Tony up.

xenon-(plain townie) lynched killed by being last vote on mad bomber
you_fool (Tony Barzini mad bomber mob) lynched.


Chris Smith decided to run to the store and since he was only going to be gone a moment he left his backpack at home. The backpack contained needle thread, bandages, iv bag , and other essential medical supplies. “You can never be to safe” Chris would say.
did his shopping some cookies and some milk to keep the body strong. Chocolate chip cookies the crunchy kind definitely not the soft kind. As he left the store he heard someone scream " is there a doctor I need a doctor" although he usually had his supplies on him he never actually got to use them on anyone outside the work place.

Chris was so excited and he figured even without his supplies he could be some help so he ran towards the voice thinking " I am gonna help someone I am gonna help someone" Chris was such a nice guy. He got close to the man and noticed a decent size cut on his arm. Chris tore off his shirt and wrapped it around the wound tieing it in a knot, nice and tight.

Chris felt like he did something really great the man thanked him.

Chris paused

“Wait how did he know I was a surgeon and knew where I worked” he then said “sir do I know you”

Mr.bazini said “no ,but you will never forget meeting me”

Chris asked “why is that”

No more words were said

Next thing was Chris was stabbed and bleed out due to not having the proper supplies with him

MISSY (Chris Smith town doc) calm down Missy you were killed by the GF

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It is now daytime you have till 2030 gmt

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Final votes Day time
Swagga (3)- Goddess, Ephralia, Kelly Alba
Ephralia (3)- oldie, swagga, genesis

The final 5 players Met outside of the Madison Square Garden

Some tourist wanted his picture taken and some of the nice people had no problem helping out. The Mayor(future mayor) Kelly Alba had the final say and said " Swagga must be one of the mobsters and he must be put down now" She kept her eyes on Oldie who she thought could be his partner.

Swagga shouted we will not go down without a fight. Swagga took out his pistol and fired a shot at Kelly Alba ,but Ephralia dived in front of the bullet. Her life was spared for now ,but standing behind her was Vito Barzini with a knife about to stab her Oldie tackles Vito to the ground. They struggle for some time rolling acoss the ground. the knife drops, they trade blows. Oldie picks up the knife and stabs Vito blood squirting everywhere. He stabs him even after his heart stops.

Kelly Alba had enough time and in all the confusion Swagga been watching the fight with his Godfather. Jessica jones felt very attached to him for all he did for her. Got her off the streets, brought her in gave her a place to lie her head. She started to cry and then fits of rage as she pointed and fired at Oldie. Kelly Alba Now took out her pistol and 2 to the chest 1 to the head later Swagga was no more.

Swagga (Jessica Jones Mob RB) Lynched final day
Genesis (Vito Barzini GF) Went down fighting
Goddess (Kelly Alba) Lived won town
Oldie (plain townie) gun shot ,but lived
Ephralia (plain townie) Died a hero also won

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