Did you see this HUGE COW?
His name is Knickers, and he is a 7 year old thats 76inches tall! he weights 1.4 tons (just over 3000 lbs!)

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That’s pretty terrifying. Can you imagine that thing coming after you? :grimacing:

Oddly enough, I can imagine that I just wouldn’t want to LOL.

I’m just glad they cut his horns, and he isn’t a full bull (nuts gone) or he would be huge and angry!

sad part is, with a cow that size, the meat would be terrible

Probably why he’s 7 years old. Normally they don’t go that long.

Saw this guy on Facebook. I think he’s the dude Bart is always saying not to have.

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His size saved him, he can’t fit into the slaughter house so they’re keeping him lols. :laughing:

And so it begins!

So much bullshit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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